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What Are The Disadvantages of Robotic Vacuum Cleaners?

Now we have come to the age when the operation of robot vacuum cleaners has become more common. At first, the tool was seen to be an effective cleaning system that you could depend on.

However, after some time using it, people realized that the vacuum does have several awkwardnesses. Some even tend to bring flaws that could make the whole process of home cleaning become more complicated.

The Disadvantages of Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

1. The price of robot vacuum cleaners tends to be expensive

After knowing the sophistication offered, the famous and sophisticated robot vacuum cleaners are not cheap. However, not all types of robot vacuum cleaners are expensive. Certain brands and types are affordable. However, for an affordable robot vacuum cleaner, the advanced cleaning features may not be so much.

2. Cleaning can be a little difficult

The robot vacuum cleaner is prone to obstacles. So, before setting it up for work, you have to make sure the floor doesn’t have any items that will stop it going. Items such as socks, shoes, and toys will severely hinder its ability to function effectively.

3. Risk of getting stuck

Due to its shape and size, often, the robot vacuum cleaner will get stuck under furniture or in tight corners, so you have to come and save it.

And yes, some of the most recent robot vacuum cleaners do have a sensor to detect tight corners and obstacles. However, since they still work under the same system, errors and bugs could always happen, mostly during the most unexpected times.

4. Frequent emptying is required

Due to their small size, the dust canister on a robotic vacuum can be very small. This means that you have to empty it every day, especially if you have a pet that is shedding a lot of hair.

This could make the cleaning process run longer because you have to empty the dust basket consistently.

5. Waste of time

Robotic vacuum cleaners take longer to do their job because they use artificial intelligence that doesn’t work like the human brain.

They take longer to make a decision about the route or whether to turn left or right while draining the battery.

6. Battery drain could always happen

This smart machine has advanced features such as an automatic return function and intelligent mapping. But all that sophistication comes from a battery-powered brain.

As the battery begins to drain, the vacuum loses its ability to think. Once the battery is depleted, the robot vacuum cleaner is unlikely to return to its docking station. Under these circumstances, you will be the one to pick it up and replace it at the charging base.

7. Not effective on stairs

Stairs are not friends for a robot vacuum cleaner. This is the only area of ​​the house where cleaning is ineffective.

So, if you have leveled floors, you don’t have any choice but to move the robot manually. Of course, aside from making the cleaning time longer, this will eliminate the automation functionality of the robot vacuum.

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