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What Are The Best Handbags And Purses To Give As Gifts?

Amazing, airy, and comfortable, dresses and skirts typically have one major flaw: zero pockets.

A quick and stylish solution? You can grab a cute little handbag on the way out of the house to carry your mask, wallet, and keys or a large, stylish tote bag to carry everything you need for a picnic.

That’s why handbags are such a perfect gift for the women in your life. It’s true that it’s not inexpensive to invest in a good handbag, but buying sustainable products is worth it. If they plan on using it for more than just an occasional weekend getaway, it must be stylish and spacious enough to hold all their essentials.

What you should gift her depends on what she prefers – whether she falls for tried-and-true luxury labels like a small LV bag or is more interested in uncovering up-and-coming businesses.

2022’s 10 Best Handbags and Purses To Gift

Below, you’ll find a wide range of 2022’s best handbags that every woman would love to add to her collection. You can make your choice based on her needs.

  1. Shoulder Bag

No woman can say “No” to a gorgeous, beautiful shoulder bag. Though, who could?

The shoulder bag’s many features, from its sleek, regal design to its ample interior, make it a must-have.

A lovely shoulder bag complements a woman’s attire. In addition, she can carry all of her essentials—from her makeup to her passport—in this roomy purse.

If you’re looking for inspiration, fashionable leather handbags and shoulder bags are always a good choice as a gift for your wife or loved one. You can find some of the best LV bags in this range.

  1. Sling Bag

If you pay attention, you may have heard women gripe about how heavy their luggage has gotten. When you can get your wife, friend, or mother a gorgeous sling purse, there’s no reason to let her get irritated.

A sling bag is an ideal accessory for the modern minimalist woman who prefers not to carry around a bulky purse. Its compact design also makes it suitable for quick errands when you need to carry only the essentials, such as a driver’s license and a wallet.

  1. Hobo Bag

Even though hobo bags aren’t really any roomier than totes, their slouchy, laid-back vibe makes them a good choice for folks with the natural style personality, the bohemian style, and the Euro-chic style.

You may get hobo fashions in various sizes, allowing you to pick the best suited to your gift’s budget range and preference.

  1. Barrel Bag

As the name implies, this bag is shaped like a barrel and ranges in size from relatively small to tiny. The standard features of a barrel bag are a top zip closure, shorter straps, and a fair amount of interior space. Depending on the style you choose, the bag can be carried either formally or casually. Some of the best LV bags may be found in this category in various price ranges.

  1. Clutch

Do you and your woman share a mutual appreciation for finery and the royal family? In that case, you’ve discovered your next present!

A clutch is a perfect accessory for women who are looking for something elegant and glamorous for formal events. However, remember that a clutch is typically compact, so there may be better solutions than this if your lady wants a roomy purse.

But if the clutch is what you’re after, feel free to look at clutch bags that offer more storage space and organizational options.

  1. Satchels

Giving a workaholic woman a satchel bag is a surefire way to win her heart, especially if she has a packed schedule at the office.

Satchels are commonly seen in business settings because of their polished appearance. There are other reasons why it is an excellent choice for the workplace. Space and organization are of greater importance to keep all the workbag essentials.

A laptop, together with her wallet, phone, makeup purse, and other business essentials, can all fit in a satchel bag.

A satchel bag is a great choice, but getting a sturdy one is essential so that it will last a long time.

  1. Tote Bag

These are the best handbags that you grab quickly when you go to the office or out and about. Canvas was once the standard material for tote bags. Nonetheless, nowadays, tote bags can be crafted from various materials, including leather.

Generally, a tote bag is a big, sturdy bag that can carry lots of stuff. Even if it serves a practical purpose, it can maintain aesthetics.

Considering the frequency with which tote bags are used, it makes sense to put money on a high-quality tote bag gift.

  1. Beach Bag

Women who are always up for new experience, spend most of their free time at the beach, and have a free-spirited, bohemian aesthetic will find their perfect bag in a beach bag.

These totes are often woven from jute or straw and have a decidedly island aesthetic. You should get your wife a cute beach bag if you consider surprising her with a beach date.

A lovely summer dress would be a great addition to the bag and would really impress her.

  1. Quilted Bag

Do you want to make your woman happy with a high-budget gift? You might want to think about getting her an expensive quilted purse.

Recently, quilted bags have been popular due to their sleek and sophisticated appearance. In addition, many major labels now sell quilted bags at inflated prices due to their aesthetic value.

  1. Backpack Purse

We’re all familiar with backpacks, but recently, ones that are the size and shape of a handbag have become increasingly popular. Backpack purses are a more compact and fashionable alternative to the traditional bulky backpack.

Depending on your recipient’s preference, you can get one as big as a knapsack or as small as your hand. Recently, backpack purses have been spotted in canvas and leather, accessorized with tassels, gold zippers, and metallic studs.


The struggle of figuring out what to get a woman as a gift might be overwhelming. So, here’s a fast suggestion if you’re looking for a present: Buy her a new purse!

It doesn’t matter how many handbags a lady owns, she’ll still be impressed by the incredible selection available now. In addition, a chic handbag can make a woman’s outfit pop.

These handbag suggestions can help you find the gift for your loved ones to show them how much your care.

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