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What are Promade Volume Lashes and Its Features?

The application of lashes is a delicate art. If you don’t have the skills or high-quality fan eyelash extensions to work with, creating a natural-looking, symmetrical lash fan can be incredibly tough. Promade volume lashes are created by the lash artist without the assistance of equipment. During the appointment, these are frequently made in real time.

Promade lashes are manufacture by extracting a few extensions from a strip, fanning them according to the artist’s preference, dipping them in glue, and placing them on the client’s lash, resulting in a solid connection to the natural lash. To manufacture professional fans, use the identical steps as before, but instead of placing the fan on the natural lash, the glue is quickly dried and kept for subsequent use.   

In this blog, we’ll discuss the promade volume lashes and its features in detail.

Features of Promade Volume Lashes

  • Both Premade and Promade volume lashes are a type of artificial eyelashes, they use the same materials and volume fan standards. Premium PBT synthetic material should be used to make the greatest artificial lashes for stronger bonding and longer wear. Furthermore, highly qualified and skilled specialists enhance the naturalness of promade lashes.
  • The promade volume lashes are create by lash artists without the assistance of automation. During the appointment, these are frequently develop in real time. Pulling a few extensions from a strip, fanning them according to the artist’s preferences, soaking them in glue, and attaching them to the client’s lash results in a firm connection to the natural lash.
  • The thickness and curvature of fake lashes are another need for high-quality promade fans. The thickness of volume lashes that can be used to make fans is less than 0.07 mm. This results in exceptionally light-weight promade fans that are less taxing on actual eyelashes. Promade volume lashes are available in a variety of sizes, curvatures, and colours to fulfil the needs of ladies all over the world.

Benefits of Promade volume lashes

Promade volume lashes are pre-fanned and manually glued, giving them a superior curvature, spread, and natural appearance than ready-made fans. Many women want a lash line that looks completely natural and matches their eyes, thus promade fans become their preference. At the basis of both prefabricated and promade fans are adhesive.

In terms of the glue-bonded process, however, promade lashes have a thicker base than manufactured fans. Promade fans require two layers of adhesive at the bases to be properly linked to the genuine lashes, making them heavier and more uncomfortable. Furthermore, the complicated manufacturing process of promade fans necessitates a significant amount of time and specialised experts, lowering productivity and increasing costs over ready-made fans.

Types of Promade volume lashes

Russian and Mega volume lashes are the two types of volume lash extensions that provide the most volume. They both have a huge influence, yet they’re very different.

Russian Volume

These lashes should be absolutely symmetrical and have the same amount of space between each lash within the fan. This is commonly done with volume lashes of 0.07 or even 0.05. They have a dark lash line and are exceptionally lightweight, silky, and fluffy.

Mega Volume

The gap between each lash can be a little variable as long as the fan’s base is even. Mega volume lashes can have anything from 7 to 20 lashes per fan and are frequently done with lighter lashes such as the 0.03s. This results in a luxurious and opulent appearance.

In the lash business, 2D, 3D, 4D, and other terms are frequently employee. The “D” just denotes how many lashes were utilized in each fan. 6D, for example, would be a set of lashes made up of six fans, each with six lashes.


Promade volume lashes are handcraft fans that require train and experience technician to ensure proper fanning and gluing. To create promade fans, specialists pick a cluster of false lashes with specialised tweezers, fan them by hand, and dip their roots into glue to cement their shapes. This procedure is not as effective as premade fans because it takes time and requires highly qualified producers.

Promade volume lashes require a great deal of attention to detail. It takes a lot of work and dedication to master this technique. Lash technicians can create stunning handmade lashes using a variety of techniques.  

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