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Wearing styles  Of Pashmina Scarf

Discover the real pashmina , pashmina shawl ,the hand-woven Himalayas of its history and its origins. Valuable information on the pashmina, its manufacture and the way the small goats of the Himalayas are raised.

The Art and Science of Pashmina is believed to be as old as 3000 BC For centuries cashmere was woven into pashmina shawls. And worn by ancient civilizations and came to be recognized as the fiber for kings. This enabled the cottage industry and art of cashmere pashminato grow even more over time.

 The production also benefited from the support and enthusiasm of Mughal rulers like Akbar and his successors. And also because the local administration has always had the will to develop this art and craft for local productions to begin with. 

The threads used in the manufacture of this luxurious fabric called “cashmere” indeed come from the belly of the Himalayan. Mountain goats which live in the in the high regions of the Tibetan plateau. Kashmir and Nepal, they are in all case the original production sites. 

The fineness of this wool gives Indian scarfbetter insulation for the harsh climate. People living in these temperate regions found the nets to be quite useful and not to mention, comfortable. Thus was born the pashmina we know and love so much today. Learn more about wash clean care pashmina .

Origins Of Pashmina

The pashmina shawl in all its forms, this is its definition . Everything you’ve always wanted to know about cashmere shawls and stoles . From India to Mongolia, discover the most luxurious scarf in the world, its history and origin and how to tie a scarf . 

 To learn all about the real pashmina , follow this article. The pashmina is a stole: definition But what is a pashmina?. The name designates a stole, or a fairly fine and soft in which one can wrap oneself and which brings warmth. 

The word pashmina comes from the Persian word “pashm” which means fabric, the suffix “ina” means “which gives warmth”. By extension, for the inhabitants of the Himalayas. This word meant the shawl they used to protect themselves from the freezing cold and wrap themselves in softness and warmth.

What Is The Composition Of A Pashmina?

Made of ordinary wool, cashmere wool or other materials such as silk, viscose. This shawl unleashes passions and comes in different ways today. 

The most trendy pashmina correspond to our current lifestyle. Recognizing wool is easy by burning the material but differentiating the types of wool is not easy. 

Without being a specialist, recognizing cashmere wool is only possible with a DNA study.

To the touch it is obvious that one distinguishes an ordinary wool from a quality wool nevertheless. For centuries, men and women who need to keep warm and sheltered from the wind. And rain will enjoy wearing a pashmina every day in all seasons.

Is There A Pashmina Certification?

No certification exists for the pashmina shawl and if it is offered to you. It has no value other than that of a commercial argument. Anyone can issue a certificate of authenticity, this one is worthless. The name of the not of the wool. We can therefore find pashmina offered in different materials or mixtures of fibers for optimized softness and warmth. 

If you opt for a wool or cashmere pashmina, the quality of the wool depends on the breeding of the goats.  These are characteristics such as their thickness or their length because the longer and finer the fiber, the better it will be. 

For the choice of a silk pashmina, that gives the pashmina more elegance and softness for direct contact with the skin. Especially for sensitive skin.  exquisite silkiness and its singular finesse. To know everything about cashmere value for money .

Pashmina Characteristics

pashmina shawl from India, Thailand, Nepal and China are the most beautiful in the world, these countries are the main producers of pashmina stole.

 To produce quality wool, the goats are raised at high altitude in the best optimal conditions to produce a soft. And warm fiber that is resistant to the climate in all seasons. To make a silk pashmina, silkworms and silkworms are raised using traditional know-how. 

In both cases the advantage of a pashmina is that it is a fashion accessory that we keep for a long time to see forever. It is timeless and always in fashion whatever your age and your mode of life. They say it is a must have in a wardrobe.

 Having a selection of pashminas in your wardrobe allows you to compose different looks and styles every day that look great. Chic, urban and casual it adapts to all the moments of your life and accompanies you by bringing you the softness, the warmth and the well-being that you are looking for all against your body.

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