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7 Cool Ways To Get Fabulous Customized Pillow Boxes On A Tight Budget

It isn’t easy to save money in this era of tight competition among different businesses. You have to spend more money to survive in the competition. In the case of packaging, if you have to get fabulous printed pillow boxes, you have to spend big money. But, if you have a small-run business, you may have specific ways to reduce the cost of packaging. For this purpose, you must learn different efficient ways that shouldn’t compromise the quality of your boxes. There are many ways to manufacture the best quality product boxes by spending less. Following is a guide for getting these boxes on a tight budget.

1: Optimize Dimensions Of Printed Pillow Boxes

You need boxes of different sizes and shapes for different kinds of products. In the case of pillow boxes, you must understand the size requirements for your products. Therefore, you should take some time to know the exact dimensions of your packages. You must keep in mind that the right side of the box can look fantastic, and it can also reduce the capital of your packaging. Knowing the exact dimensions can reduce the usage of manufacturing materials. Ultimately, it will reduce the cost of your packaging solutions. Bigger-sized boxes should only be manufactured when placing more oversized objects inside them.

2: Use Natural Materials 

Many kinds of materials are available to manufacture pillow boxes wholesale. You must research different materials and know about their properties. You should check what makes them perfect as per your needs. Furthermore, you must also consider their origin and cost. Synthetic and costly materials are also available in the market that you can use for manufacturing these boxes. You shouldn’t consider them as they increase the cost.

Therefore, you must consider natural materials because they are renewable and easy to obtain. They can help to reduce the cost of your packaging solutions. For example, kraft, corrugated, and other natural materials are cost-effective. They can help manufacture the best quality boxes for you by spending less.  

3: Utilize High-Quality Manufacturing Equipment 

Machines matter a lot in it when it comes to manufacturing packaging solutions. There are many kinds of tools for cutting and assembling. You should use the best and most modern technologies for manufacturing your boxes. The use of sophisticated technology can reduce the use of energy. Moreover, modern equipment can help manufacture many packages in less time. It can reduce the turnaround time and help your business make a good reputation in the market. Moreover, sophisticated equipment can help produce boxes with precise and accurate shapes. Hence, it can help reduce the waste of materials and make your packaging cost-effective.

4: Remove Unnecessary Add-ons

We know that different kinds of add-ons can increase the functionality of custom pillow boxes. You must keep in mind that the addition of these add-ons may increase the cost of packaging. If you want to decrease the packaging cost, you must remove unnecessary add-ons. For example, these boxes may come with custom sleeves or inserts. They may also come with custom-shaped placeholders or multiple segments. You must see if these add-ons are unnecessary; you shouldn’t consider them.

Moreover, these boxes may also come with die-cut windows. You may either consider it or remove this feature as per your requirements. Hence, you must ensure that only essential elements are present in your boxes.

5: Train Your Staff And Keep Machines Maintained 

Untrained staff may be problematic for you because they may not know how to use the equipment properly. When unable staff uses equipment, they may lead to different faults. Machines may become out of order and function abnormally. Similarly, they may increase the wastage of materials, increasing the cost of your packaging solutions. If you want to manufacture these boxes by spending less, you should train your staff. Let them know how to run different machines properly and optimize the production operation.

Moreover, you should monitor your machines regularly to see any faults. Faulty equipment may be a cause of wastage of your materials. Therefore, you should maintain your devices. Taking care of your staff and machines can effectively reduce the packaging cost.

6: Mono-Color Or Bi-Color Printing For Printed Pillow Boxes

Different kinds of boxes come with printed content as per the needs of the products. This content has to demonstrate the product and attract target customers. Multi-color printing may increase the cost, and you should consider bi-color or mono-color printing. You may consider this type of printing for Kraft pillow boxes. Some kinds of colored inks are expensive, and they increase the cost of printing.

You may also think of black and white printing. This is the best way of reducing costs and improving the catchiness of the boxes. You may help professional designers devise excellent mono-color or bi-color designs. It can be the best idea to ensure that your packaging is cost-friendly. 

7: Minimal Printing Is A Great Idea

Due to increased competition among different businesses, brands have to design special boxes. They print eye-catching graphics, drawings, or other elements for increasing the charm of the packaging. When you publish many aspects on your packages, it can increase the consumption of colored inks and energy for printing. Moreover, printed pillow boxes with large-sized graphics and images are not economical. Thus, if you have to reduce the cost of packaging, you must consider minimal printing. You must print necessary elements such as the brand’s logo, its slogan, product-related graphics, or text, and keep their size small. These tricks can effectively reduce the price of these boxes.

When you manufacture printed pillow boxes by spending less, you should consider the tricks described here. These tricks can effectively optimize packaging production and help you save a lot of money. The best thing about these methods is that you don’t have to compromise on the quality of your boxes. 

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