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Must-have Features of the Best Ticketing Software that can change your business

Customer happiness is critical to the success of any organization. The IT service desk is an essential component in ensuring client satisfaction. However, as customer service becomes more sophisticated, agents are under intense pressure to be equipped with the Best Ticketing Software. Providing the proper help desk software with the right set of functionality assists your agents in adhering to industry best practices and swiftly resolving customer issues. It is also necessary to educate them about the help desk tool through suitable training. So, if you are looking for such software, Wolken is the single-stop designation for you.

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What to see before buying Ticketing software

Before selecting the Best Ticketing Software for your organization, you should be aware of these must-have characteristics to maximize your IT help desk efficiency and improve your business productivity.

  • Importing users into the help desk software: 

Importing users and configuring them as end-users or agents is the initial stage in any help desk system’s configuration. Check to see if the help desk system allows you to import users via Active Directory, CSV, or LDAP, depending on your needs. And, after importing, you should be given the choice of categorizing them as end-users or agents.

  • End-users/agents grouped 

After importing the users, look for the grouping choices. End-users are to be classified according to their departments and locations. Similarly, agents must be classified according to their skill set and proficiency. Grouping users allow seeing how to set a priority for an incident. 

  • Converting an email into a ticket

Most help desk software on the market supports many means of ticket submission, including email, web form, chat, and phone call. It is required to automatically convert emails or web form submissions to tickets to save your technician’s time.

  • Obtaining knowledge base solutions

The knowledge base, or k-base, should be available. The must-have features include organizing knowledge base solutions by category, highlighting commonly asked topics, auto-suggesting solutions based on the search query, and having an approval process for every solution.

  • Help desk workflow automation

Helpdesk processes to be automated by creating a custom help desk workflow based on your company’s requirements. As an example: You can configure automated help desk workflows in ITSM tools like Manage Engine Service Desk Plus, such as – When a customer reports an issue via email, it gets converted to an incident within the system, assigned to a specifically skilled technician, the priority gets set through pre-defined business rules, and SLAs are set as well.

  • Reducing the time your technicians spend

Pre-defined templates are to be used to reduce your technician’s time consumption on each occurrence as much as possible. Your end-users should have the same option when creating incidents or submitting service requests. The Best Ticketing Software should provide built-in templates for incident responses and resolutions, and it should also be customizable.

  • Keeping everyone informed

Every activity occurring within the help desk is required to be communicated to both requesters and techs. Most help desk software supports email notifications, in-product notifications, and some systems, such as Manage Engine Service Desk Plus, also allow SMS notifications.


Well-designed ticketing software helps your organization improve the response time to the customers. Tracking and quick response will give customer satisfaction. So, to achieve success and build a customer brand having the Best Ticketing Software is a must. Try Wolken Sofware. It is a set of advanced features programs and technologies that manage all work effectively.

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