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Way To Delete Criminal Record Pakistan through Lawyer

Delete Criminal Record Pakistan through Lawyer:

 If you wish to delete criminal record Pakistan through criminal lawyer in Lahore after due court trial, please contact us. They include PSRMS (FIR Management System), HRMIS, Hotel Eye, Prison Management System, and Tenant Registration systems. Utilizing CRMS, an investigation officer working in any police station in Punjab can use his filters to identify information and search this central database. This system is utilized in various ways to investigate any kind of case. For example, when a victim of a phone theft incident is reported to the police station and remembers specific details about the person who took the phone, police officers can use all of the known filters and locate the perpetrator within his district and in Punjab. Punjab server can delete criminal record Pakistan through criminal lawyer in Lahore after the trial. The more filters you apply, the better your chance of being successful. Based on the filters applied, the results will be displayed on a monitor, and the images could be shown to the person who was victimized for identification.


The Criminal Record Office (CRO) division within the Capital City District Police, which is currently in the process of restructuring to address numerous issues, have added 15,100 detained offenders to their database has gathered 1,116 criminal evidence from crime scenes and kept records of 142,985 stolen cars in 2014. The database of arrested criminals increased by 26 percent between 11,000 and 15,000 in 2013. In addition, up to 1,100 vehicles, 5,500 motorcycles, and 547 other stolen vehicles in 2014 were entered into the database as part of the Stolen Recovered Vehicle Management System (SRVMS). To delete criminal record Pakistan through criminal lawyer in Lahore after disposal of case in favor of accused, you may contact us.

Criminal Lawyer in Lahore:

To delete criminal record Pakistan through criminal lawyer in Lahore after the trial is finished, you may contact us. The CRO division aids the police investigating, including the Crimes Investigation Agency, detect crimes through profiling criminals. In addition, technical assistance is modernizing its work along research-based lines to delete criminal record Pakistan through criminal lawyer in Lahore. Officials have stated that it isn’t possible for Lahore police to manually manage the criminal record, significantly where the number of registered cases exceeds 100,000 per year.

Criminals Being Arrested:

In addition, the descriptions of criminals being arrested are growing yearly due to the growing crime rate. They state that they have observed that the Lahore police have kept 100 percent of challan (detection) ratio for kidnap cases for ransom and 80 percent in the murder category (crime against a person), 50 percent in the case of robbery, 36pc in car theft, and 26pc in motorcycle thefts in 2014 as a result of the support they received from CRO. CRO branch. The latest official figures available to Dawn indicate that the CRO branch that focuses on eight categories added 15100 criminals to the database of CRMS. The total of the numbers amounted to upwards of 57,500. The CRMS makes criminal index cards that provide the complete details of criminals and their methods of operation and delete criminal record Pakistan through criminal lawyer in Lahore after the case is finished. The system is in place on the divisions and the Kot Lakhpat & Central Jail and is linked to the CRO/HQ system.

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