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Water – When is the Right Time to Drink it?

However, you should know that there are different wills and beliefs if you are wondering if you should drink water right before and after a mess. Many scammers suggest not drinking water before a mess, in the middle of a mess, or after a mess. Some say you shouldn’t drink water before and after messing around, but you can drink a little in between. So there is a lot of confusion about this. Then there’s an analysis, according to Ayurveda, of why you shouldn’t drink water right before or after a mess. 

 When to drink water? 

 According to many experts and researchers, it is not advisable to get water in the middle of a mess. However, according to Ayurveda, you should drink water between meals, rather than before or after. 

 Drink water before a mess 

 According to Ayurveda, water before going to the toilet can tear and weaken your strength and digestion. Accutane Side Effects and Buy Accutane Online This is because water is a coolant and drinking water before a mess will hinder your digestive power. Therefore, you should avoid drinking water right before squatting. 

 Drink water after a mess 

  Drinking water right after making a mess is said to affect the quality of the food you eat as well as your digestive power. A little of its cooling effect is transmitted to all the food you have eaten. It can make a person fat over some time. so you mustn’t pee after making a mess.  Drinking water in the middle of a mess 

 It is the right thing to follow the principles of Ayurveda. Drinking water while you have a mess helps buffer the food you eat. It helps break down food pieces into small pieces. It also quenches your thirst amid a mess. So drinking water in the middle of a mess is considered ideal.  

What if you need medication before the repair? 

In the case of having to take prescribed medication before causing a disturbance, you must drink water 20 times before causing a disturbance. Do not drink a lot of water and only drink as much as you need to swallow the medicine. There are bad opinions about it, saying that you should drink water right before and after going to the toilet, as it helps the digestive process. People with diabetes should take their diabetes medication when they have the disorder or just before the disorder. Harmful effects of drinking water in plastic bottles 

  We store water in all the mouths of plastic bottles, pitchers, or containers. Maybe lower or higher quality, but plastic is plastic! This is a very dangerous practice during the day because plastic racks contain a lot of chemicals and bacteria. 

 Let’s see the dangers of plastic bottled water  

  1. To separate harmful substances from harmful chemicals in plastic, water when stored in plastic bottles also produces toxic substances such as fluoride, arsenic, and aluminum that can cause diseases in the human body. So drinking water from a plastic bottle means drinking a slow plague that will cause your health to decline gradually and steadily. 

2. Dioxin Products Plastic flows in the hot ground. And we often keep water in plastic bottles when driving and often leave water in the car, where it is exposed to direct sunlight. The same heating process releases a toxin called dioxin which, when consumed, can accelerate bone cancer.  

 3. BPA generation Biphenyl A is an estrogen-mimicking chemical that can lead to many health problems such as diabetes, obesity, fertility problems, behavioral problems, and early puberty in babies. girl. It is better not to store and drink water from plastic bottles. 

  4. Liver cancer and reduced sperm count Because plastic contains a chemical called phthalates, drinking water from plastic bottles can also lead to liver cancer and reduce sperm count. 

  5. Currently we are getting vitamin-fortified bottled water, we are getting water mostly in plastic bottles and to increase the healthy content, manufacturers are making vitamin-fortified water to attract customers. buyer. But it is more dangerous because it contains harmful additives such as food coloring and the saccharification of high fructose slurry. 

 6. Impact on Vulnerable Systems Our vulnerable systems are severely affected when we drink water from plastic bottles. The chemicals in plastic bottles are digested and tend to disrupt our vulnerable body systems. again, please click ‘Consult’, if you want to consult me ​​intimately.

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