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The Top 10 Water Parks in California for the Whole Family to Enjoy

10 Best Water Parks in California That Will Make a Splash With the Whole Family

Taking the kids to a water park might seem like an obvious choice, but it’s actually one of the most underrated family activities in California. Whether you’re looking to beat the heat or have some high-energy fun as you work up an appetite before dinner, water parks are the perfect way to do it. Here are 10 of the best water parks in California that will make a splash with the whole family this summer!

1) Just One Look at These Slides

Wild Water Adventure Park is a park that’s just for thrill seekers and folks who don’t mind getting wet. This water park is filled with family-friendly attractions, so you can go solo or enjoy the day with your nearest and dearest. You’ll want to start by checking out some of its slides, which are among the longest in Southern California. Each of them offers something different, from mild to wild plunges. For example, there’s an enclosed tube slide where you’re able to speed through one tunnel and then ride over rolling waves for another (making it an excellent choice for those who are looking for balance between excitement and relaxation). Finally, Raging Waters is sure to take care of any water needs you might have on any given day.

2) The Wave Pool Is Amazing!

Wave pools are some of my favorite water parks attractions, and they are a perfect match for any location with lots of space. Wild Water Adventure Park has a wave pool that has plenty of space for many people to enjoy. It’s on one side of the park and not right in the middle, so you don’t have to worry about being crushed or something happening if you get pushed down or anything like that. Wave pools are typically designed with some way for people to come out when they need air before diving back in, which is handy!

3) Riptide Reef Wave Pool

No matter what age you are, it’s impossible to resist slipping and sliding around on Riptide Reef’s winding waterways. The signature attraction at Wild Water, this is the only place where you can get into wading pools of water while waves come crashing down around you. For an even more intimate experience, find your way over to Falls Creek Falls and be the first person to hop into its cavernous grotto. It’s easy to see why Wild Water made waves with visitors; this is one of those rare places that offers something for everyone.

4) Big Surf Shores Wave Pool

With so many choices for water parks, some may think that Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove is out of their budget. But even if they can’t afford to stay at this beautiful resort with its well-themed rooms and friendly service, it’s possible to just come by and have a day of splashing around. One of the greatest things about this water park is its presence on the Orange County Coast: Surf Shores has been named one of the most scenic destinations for Southern Californians to visit. It’s also worth noting that at Surf Shores you’ll find one of the only wave pools in California. That means when it comes time to ride waves, surfers from all over will be coming here to enjoy what Surf Shores has to offer.

5) Wave Lagoon

Each of Wild Water’s attractions has something for everyone, but if you really want to get wild and crazy, try Wave Lagoon. There are two wave pools here and four slides that get you as wet as you can be. Plus, there’s a wave pool where infants can hang out too! So whether you’re getting soaked on one of the slides or just splashing around with your friends, Wave Lagoon is guaranteed to put some excitement in your summer.

6) Kids Over 4 Can Ride on the Lazy River

We love that Wild Water puts safety first, with all lifeguards on duty and signs reminding us to swim near guards. There are plenty of slides that have accessible entryways and rides for guests of all ages. Our favorites include Raging Rapids, which is pure water joy, Bear Canyon Falls, where you get wet as you ride down hills atop a surfboard (a little too scary for my kids), and Splish Slosh, which is pure kid fun. Here’s some advice: don’t forget your sunscreen! If you enjoy Wavepools or Lazy Rivers like we do, be sure to stop by our two local water parks: Great Wolf Lodge Garden Grove and LEGOLAND California Resort. We love their wave pools so much! The only downside?

7) Three Deepwater Play Areas

Among all of Wild Water’s attractions, their three deepwater play areas are some of the most popular. Pirate Falls has slides and canoes that you can use to splash around, not to mention a great bucket dump at the end. Then there is Thunder Falls with its side-by-side high speed slides and multiple play features that kids of all ages will enjoy. As an additional bonus, riders get very wet at both of these watery playgrounds! Finally, let’s talk about The Great Barrier Reef Lagoon. Filled with waves and whales (yeah, whales!), this area is home to as many as six different water rides where it’s just so much fun getting soaked.

8) An Observation Tower Gives a Good View of the Area

Situated near the back of the water park, an observation tower gives visitors an excellent view of almost all of Wild Water’s attractions. I was particularly impressed with their wave pool, which features waves that change size depending on who is standing on one side and makes for some excellent surfing opportunities. My son went wild for the slides; he spent about 20 minutes walking up and down them before we finally pulled him away to cool off in one of their many pools.

9) Reflections Boutique Hotel Has an Indoor Pool Too!

Legoland is fantastic for families who want to take their children out on an outdoor adventure, but who don’t want to risk rain or sunburns. And if you get thirsty, all of the theme park’s food venues sell bottled water so you can stay hydrated. Raging Waters also has some great wave pools with different sections of varying speeds and levels of difficulty, giving guests a challenge as they grow more confident in their abilities. Plus they have wild slides like Coconut Coaster and Montezooma’s Revenge to get that thrill fix. For more on our hotel’s indoor pool at Reflections Boutique Hotel and Spa feel free to call our front desk or chat with us live online.

Ten water parks you won’t want to miss. Number seven is LEGOLAND California Resort. Find out why this attraction might be worth your while:

*LEGOLAND® is America’s favorite theme park for kids. *Legoland® is at the intersection of imagination and fun, where everything just makes sense! This all-ages resort entertains guests of all ages with rides, attractions, shows and games like you won’t find anywhere else! You can experience Lego® creations come to life on themed rides like The Dragon or X-Lander, play in our 4D movie theater or enjoy world-class entertainment at LEGOLAND Beach Retreat.

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