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Why do you need VPS to handle high-traffic websites?

Handle high-traffic websites – Shared hosting is the ideal website hosting for many newcomers and business entrepreneurs when they start their online businesses to fulfill customer needs. However, when the business grows and the website gets high traffic, handling high-traffic websites with shared servers often becomes challenging. 

At this point, VPS Server Hosting comes playing an important part. Compared to shared hosting, it’s one of the most reliable and scalable hosting services with high customization capabilities. Therefore, you can manage voluminous website traffic by using a VPS server without influencing the speed and performance of your website.

That is the reason why most high-traffic and complex websites use VPS hosting in UK. In this blog, you will learn why to use VPS to handle high-traffic websites and its benefits.  

Let’s get dig into it:

What do you mean by VPS Hosting?

“VPS” refers to the short form for Virtual Private Server. Thus, VPS Hosting is a sort of website hosting environment where many websites share the resources of only one server with dedicated resources and isolation. Every website on a VPS server gets separated from the other websites and has dedicated resources that aren’t shared with other websites. All this happens via a procedure known as server virtualization and software known as a hypervisor.

For instance, if you purchase Cheap VPS UK with high-capacity storage RAM, these resources are only dedicated to your website. So, not any other website server can access your resources.

Why is VPS hosting beneficial for high-traffic websites?

The followings are some benefits of VPS server hosting and the fine reasons to use it to handle high-traffic websites.


One of the most crucial features in making a website successful is its trustworthiness. Beginners lose visitors if they watch an error message when others access your website. Moreover, Google actively ignores websites with a low uptime, which means poor scalability impacts your SEO badly.

The best benefit of VPS is that all websites with huge traffic are separated from one another. It means that the performance of one website will have no influence on other websites on the server. Thus, this reduces the infamous ‘Bad Neighbour’ issue completely.

It is a fact hardware breakdown on the server can take your website down. Yet, if you get the best VPS in the UK, you will get the solutions to the problems. Thus, a value-added VPS Hosting plan from a reliable hosting company minimizes the risks of a website crash, enhancing your uptime.

High KVM Performance

Standard load time for websites has been declining slowly. Therefore, a load time of 2 seconds is just about standard these days. Certainly, loading speed also influences SEO. There are several studies about how people usually deny employing slow websites; it shows how much website speed is important.

Selecting the perfect VPS hosting plan is crucial for getting the best performance for your website. Therefore, getting the required resources is not a tough task.

VPS also provides expected high KVM performance. When you purchase them, other websites cannot share these resources. It means these resources are exclusively for your website, and you can use them at any time when required.


It is a fact that shared hosting is much more affordable than VPS Hosting. Therefore, it does not provide separate websites or dedicated resources. Moreover, Shared Hosting is generally the best fit for simple websites with low traffic.

Dedicated hosting gives a lot in terms of better performance. Consequently, the huge websites in the world choose a Dedicated Server. Yet, it’s costly, and most websites simply cannot have enough budget to operate such a dedicated setup.

VPS maintains a perfect balance between performance, functions, and price. Therefore, it gives Dedicated Hosting, such as performance but at a budget-friendly price. Additionally, it provides everything that Dedicated Hosting gives performance, security, control, and separation, but on a small scale. VPS is the best option for high-traffic websites where a single server is used.

Simple Root access

The word ‘root’ simply signifies a username that is common among all Linux systems comprising servers. Therefore, the root user is a system admin of a specified computer and has full-fledged access to all its files, folders, and settings.

A root user has the capability for the installation of programs, deleting them, and making changes to the security systems. It also can manage all the ports and capabilities to do a lot more things.

Usually, root access isn’t available in Shared Hosting environments as many websites share a similar platform, and modifications created in the root can have effects on everyone.

However, all websites are separate in VPS hosting. Each website gets its resources, too, meaning that each website essentially works like an independent server. That’s why it is known as a ‘Virtual Private Server.’ Given that each website is isolated, companies can offer root access with VPS Hosting.

Why is VPS hosting important to handle high-traffic websites?

Further continuing the discussion, the following points will highlight the importance of VPS servers in handling high-traffic websites.

Third-party security apps

The risk of threats increases as the traffic on your website increases. Therefore, Cyber-attacks extremely affect websites for a long time duration. A better solution to avoid the risk is the installation of a third-party security application that ensures your site’s protection.

Otherwise, you must consult your hosting provider without root access, waiting for their authentication to install your required software. Yet, you can install security software or any other applications without others’ authentication if you have root access.

Reliable port management

One reason for the rising in cyber-attacks is that bots are now making many attacks. Yet, bots efficiently hack websites. The reason behind this is their effectiveness; a lot of site owners never modify the default arrangements of their websites.

Ports are the only way by which bots get entry into your network. Therefore, you can close all the open ports using root access, but you cannot do this with unused ports. Moreover, you can also modify the default port numbers for an additional layer of security.

JavaScript distribution optimization

Whenever a browser uses your website, your server conveys information to that browser. The Javascript file transfers to the browser. Therefore, the browser decodes this file and, after doing so, loads the file instantly, which enhances the time it takes to load your website.

However, you can alter the configurations by using root access so that the browser can load the website faster and instantly transcribe the file in the background. However, it might seem borderline, but always notice a few things:

  • Among high-traffic websites, only small-scale websites compete for the best.
  • You can only do performance-related optimizations in VPS hosting by using root access.

Final words

You need a VPS server with a strong hosting infrastructure to handle high-traffic websites that give comprehensive control and scalability to fit the requirements of high-traffic websites.

Apart from these features, it assures maximum uptime, fast speed, and perfect performance regardless of heavy traffic spikes.

Therefore, the best quality of services you get only relies on the VPS hosting provider. With a reliable company, you can get the best performance-based affordable VPS UK server Hosting solutions with complete root access and 24/7 customer support. Yet, get in touch with the company if you desire to host your high-traffic website on the best VPS Server to grow your business and serve more customers.

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