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How to Maximize the ROI of Vinyl Banner Printing

These days, it can seem like the entire marketing world revolves around digital media. However, when it comes to actual return on investment (ROI), few marketing processes are as effective as Vinyl Banner Printing. Read on to find out how to go beyond the basics of banner design and make the most of every marketing dollar.

Think About Scale

Before thinking about colors, images, or even short, catchy phrases to put on the banner, take a moment to think about the size and how it will impact scale. Business owners need to know how high up a banner will be posted, what the intended viewing distance will be, and how quickly traffic will be passing by it. All of these considerations will go into determining the scale of the images.

It makes little sense to hang a beautiful, elaborate banner with custom artwork and a touching message on the side of the highway where people will pass by it quickly and view it from a distance. Instead, business owners will need to scale up images, simplify designs, and use larger and easier-to-read fonts. When it comes to text size, banner designers usually increase letter height by 10″ for every 100 feet of added space between the banner and its intended audience.

Consider the Banner’s Backdrop

It’s common for novice banner designers to hear that they need to use contrasting colors to catch a viewer’s attention, often while simultaneously incorporating the brand’s color scheme and taking color psychology into account. Designers put a lot of thought into what will work and what won’t when it comes to the overall palette and colors for individual design elements. If they don’t take a look at where the banner will be posted first, though, all that work could be for naught.

Think about what the banner’s backdrop will be once it reaches its final location. The same color schemes can look very different in a banner hung on the side of a brick building vs. one with a forested background, and advice about how to make images really pop doesn’t just apply to color schemes within the design itself. The banner also needs to stand out from its surroundings, whether that means using a different color scheme or just adding a thick border around the edge.

Don’t Skimp on Finishing Options

Standard finishing usually involves hemmed perimeters with grommets placed every two feet along them, which is perfectly fine for some applications, especially if the banner is temporary. If the banner is intended for long-term use, give finishing options a little more thought. Reinforced edges and corners, custom grommet layouts, and wind slits can all help to mitigate environmental concerns such as heavy wind.

Choose an Experienced Printer

This article has saved arguably the most important concern for last. It’s to choose an experienced banner printer that has professional quality equipment for grand format printing and offers a range of finishing options. Some professional banner printing companies also offer design services, so don’t be afraid to ask for help with creating the perfect product to generate more business and maximize ROI.

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