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Top Event Technology Trends To Enhance Your Event

We all participate in different types of events irrespective of their type. From music concerts to product launch events, trade fairs or any other type of events all are necessary. To host such events in this digital era taking help or introducing the event management guide are crucial in all aspects. Even if you see it in the periphery of the UAE, Dubai hosts some of the greatest events in the world. Whether it’s the Dubai Expo, sporting events, or concerts. But one thing in common is how important technology plays in enhancing the event attendee journey. 

Well, there are many things that technology can do starting from reducing human effort and offering numerous interactive or engaging elements. Here in this blog, we are going to discuss in-person events and how technology can help you stand out from your competitors. 

But what exactly does event technology refer to? It indicates the assortment of technology advanced resources or tools that might help event planners from planning to execution. Today is the time of Virtual Production. You can employ helpful event technology solutions to aid in the planning and execution of your event, whether it is virtual, physical, or hybrid. Make your event ultra-modern, smooth, and high-tech by using in-person event platform services to replace crucial tasks.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the most well-liked event technology developments.

AI-generated Suggestions!!

Have you ever thought about how big companies like Google or even Netflix showcase what we like or what is in our minds? How are the recommendations quite exact? Well, there is a term AI behind all that.  Additionally, AI technology can be utilized to analyze the behavior of event participants and make pertinent recommendations to them. AI can recommend which event to attend, the contacts you should network with, or even the individuals who share your interests based on their online behavior patterns.

Event technology, such as AI-generated suggestions, can be very useful and interesting to event planners. They can save a lot of time by not having to create a unique guest list for every event. AI can quickly complete this task for them.

Deploy Face Recognition Tool

The future of check-ins is contactless, and facial recognition technology can be quite useful for this. Software that can track, record, and recall every person’s facial traits makes advantage of it.

What benefits does this event technology provide for event organizers? Requesting that guests have their faces scanned for authentication at the check-in desks, can be beneficial. This ensures that even for large crowds, the experience is safe and easy. Additionally, since phones and computers already employ this technology, most people are already accustomed to it.

Virtual and In-Person Event Platforms

Event planning software has developed to the point where you can plan a complete event online just like you would one in person. A hybrid event platform makes this procedure easier to control, faster, and more high-tech. Choose the ideal hybrid event platform to provide you access to virtual event advantages.

  • Global access; no regional restrictions
  • Fewer or no environmental pollutants
  • Your event can be easily broadcast and live-streaming on social media.
  • Screen sharing with numerous individuals
  • No restrictions on the number of seats or space.
  • Whatsapp Automation solutions
  • Integration of Mobile event app, microsite or WhatsApp for event registration

Virtual Event Tours for on-Ground Events

Why not give attendees a sneak peek of your event using advanced event technology solutions? The greatest way to offer your audience a sense of what your event will be like is by showcasing on-ground events into a virtual tour with a 3D experience. Give the audience a virtual tour by displaying the sponsor booths, the stage area, the banners, the lounges, and the audience area in real life. A virtual event tour functions similarly to a sneak peek or a sample of your actual event.

Many event planners now use virtual event tours to draw in larger crowds as augmented reality and virtual reality gain popularity. As an alternative, you might set up an AR/VR booth at your event to draw attendees and let them experience a brand-new world! Technology is increasingly being used during events, and one day consumers may be able to “enjoy” the whole thing from their homes. 

3-D Printing 

You may produce a 3D model of your complete event using the sophisticated features of 3D printing technology, especially if it is a big one. Floor plans, seating arrangements, lighting fixtures, cabling, stages, sound systems, and any other minor components can be meticulously prepared. With this cutting-edge and extraordinarily helpful event technology, you may create a tailored and precise strategy for your event.

Drone-Based Video Production

The only way to capture the in-person event’s whole footage in the finest possible light is by using the drone photography or videography approach. Which is already quite common for pre-wedding photos and high-level conferences. With no boundaries or distractions, this event technology offers an exquisite overhead picture of the event. It can be utilized to cover your event site from various perspectives and locations.

These are the top event technology trends to enhance your in-person event. Additionally, if you are supposed to host a hybrid event still some of these trends are useful for enhancing engagement. You can also check Eventtube for event management best practices.

Thank you for reading!

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