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Video marketing for lawyers (10 best examples)

Today, video marketing for lawyers is rising in popularity online. There are different reasons why lawyers invest in video creation for reaching out to more customers and supporting leadership initiatives. Video can do wonders for increasing engagement using various digital marketing campaigns. Plus, videos on a website also help in boosting Google rankings.

In this article, we share with you all the significance of video production (and marketing) for attorneys, its benefits, and the best examples of video marketing for giving inspiration to lawyers.  

Why it matters?

Video marketing has a high impact on viewers than written text. Only watching 3 to 4 minutes of video clips leaves a more impact on people’s minds. That’s why its popularity has increased a lot in recent years.

As per YouTube statistics, YouTube garners billions of viewership every day. So, one can easily reach large audiences through video marketing.

Another reason to utilize video marketing is that it contributes to forming a good reputation. It is because users find it easier to watch videos to find solutions to their problems.

So, if you are a lawyer who provides solutions to people’s legal issues, you may attract more future clients.


Here are some well-known benefits of using video marketing to attain success:  

Reaching out to and educating various clients

A video may go viral with just a simple click. Since one can watch a video virtually from any part of the world, it can reach massive audiences. The informative videos can also help potential clients to know about various legal concepts.

Help in forming a brand

It is very common for people to get interested in a brand through videos. Apart from finding potential clients, it is also easier for a lawyer to form his/her own brand using videos. It also helps in installing and establishing more personal connections with potential clients.

Video content improves the SEO of websites

Since people find it convenient to get more information from videos, more video content may likely attract more and more traffic towards itself. It further helps in increasing the SEO for websites. It helps in improving reachability while making it convenient for people to find relevant content and search the website with a Google search.

What to think about before video production?

Here are a few important things to keep in mind before video production:


Smartphone cameras are good to create videos if you don’t want to invest in high-resolution cameras. If you do an interview-style video, it is best to use a computer webcam.


When shooting a video, use proper lighting for the shoot. Again, you don’t necessarily need high-end equipment. However, make sure you shoot in a well-lit room. The natural lighting is the best.


Clear sound with no background noise is ideal for making a clear and loud video.  


Finally, you have to edit various segments of a video to create a perfect final video. You may use your smartphone app for editing a video.


1. Videos on TikTok: Wilson Murphy Law

Michelle Murphy, Wilson Murphy Law owner, also called @TheTradeMarkAttorney, shares trademark and contract law tricks with her followers through a video platform, TikTok. The example videos are “Common Reasons a Trademark Application Gets Rejected” or “How to Make Money from Your Registered Trademark”.

2. Bracewell’s Leadership Videos on LinkedIn

Bracewell has created various ‘Legal Bites’ videos on LinkedIn. These videos are about the attorney’s perspectives on various industry updates while dissecting the latest trends. Their videos are for helping clients. Hence, these are likely to attract returning visitors.

3. Patricia Baxter’s Podcast Video Snippets on LinkedIn

Patricia Baxter is a popular LinkedIn influencer with a huge and engaged following of more than 24 thousand people.  She often keeps her followers engaged by sharing fun and educational videos on various days a week. Generally, her videos are short snippets from podcast interviews. Besides that, she also shared lawyer video marketing advice and tips for lawyers.  

4. Oremland Law Group Shares Entertaining Instagram Videos

Oremland Law Group’s Adam Oremland knows was to engage and entertain the Instagram audience. Popular as @lawbullbog, Oremland makes short fictitious videos on personal injury storylines.  He also posts videos to promote new content on Instagram stories.

5. Y Law Group’s Instructional YouTube Videos

One amazing way to show off expertise is to concentrate on instructional video marketing content for lawyers. In this particular example, Y Law Group’s divorce lawyer, Leena Yousefi, shares ways to find and fill out a Notice of Family Claim in her tutorial videos. Her videos focus more on helping target audiences and enabling them to earn the trust of the clients, who bring in more business to them.

6. Schwartz Conroy & Hack’s Videos on Practice Area Pages

Schwartz Conroy & Hack’s videos give visitors an easy and quick breakdown of ways he helps their clients. He also shares videos to solve the problems of the clients. He even appears approachable to potential clients on the practice area page.

7. White & Case Educational LinkedIn Videos

In various LinkedIn videos, the White & Case lawyers share videos discussing new legal precedents and regulations, as well as implications. The lawyers also do a good job of handling complicated legal matters. Meanwhile, they break down the issues and give solutions in easy-to-understand short videos full of educational content.

8. Jones Day’s Recruitment-Based YouTube Videos

While potential hires are looking for law firms to find the best fit, videos are the best way to give them an idea of a firm’s values and culture. Jones Day knows this and that’s why they have a complete playlist called Careers at Jones Day. This playlist is dedicated to answering all the overactive questions, like “Why Choose Jones Day.”  Explaining the answers, he delves into the experience of a firm, the reasons to join the firm, its key features, and more.

9. KVCF’s Practice Area Page Videos

KVCF also focuses on lawyer video marketing by creating videos to introduce the company’s partners and highlight their specific practice areas on the website. In the videos,  Brain Pearson shares his knowledge of real estate finance law and how he helps clients find solutions to their issues.

10. Berardi Immigration Law’s Homepage Sizzle Video

On landing on the Berardi Immigration Law’s website homepage, you can see a 1-minute video. In this video, you get to know about the company’s origin story. This video also gives potential clients some background about the firm and its services.  


The given examples show how lawyers can make the most of video marketing to educate, help, and attract more potential clients. So, make it part of your marketing strategy to gain more online success. 

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