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Boost Your Brand with Our Versatile Sleeve Boxes with Fascinating Packaging

Wholesale sleeve boxes are designed in various sizes and shapes. You can use these boxes to pack lightweight items like candies, chocolates, key chains, and custom sleeve boxes printed with appealing designs, vibrant color combinations, and laminated coatings to provide a captivating look. The presentation of the brand’s products in mesmerizing packaging is the best source to outshine products in the crowd.

How Can Custom Sleeve Boxes Stand Out your Retail Brands in the Market?

Custom packaging makes your packaging a luxurious appearance and acts as an advertisement tool. Moreover, Custom boxes printed with your business logo remarkably impact customers and imprint your business products in their minds. Every time they visit the store, your brand’s packaging helps recall your brand. We at Urgent Boxes offer endless printed options to create personalized sleeve boxes.

Give a More Luxurious Look to Packaging with Enticing Color Prints CMYK and PMS

A custom box printed with striking colors makes your packaging classy and elegant. The multicolor packaging can mesmerize the onlookers in just one sight and makes them die-hard fans of your brand’s products. Two color printing models are included in custom packaging. These are:

CMYK: CMYK is a four-color printing method. It costs less than PMS. in offset printing, CMYK four color scheme is used to produce high-quality color prints.

PMS: (Pantone Matching System) with boundless color shade is an expensive color model.

You can choose printing schemes according to your product’s specifications and budget limits.

Manufacturing of Custom Sleeve Containers with The Premium Quality Material

Choosing the best printing stock for durable and sturdy packaging becomes difficult. It entirely depends on the printing stock to make a stunning look to your packaging. Moreover, We at Urgent Boxes manufacture boxes with the finest quality eco-friendly kraft paperboard, durable cardboard, and sturdy corrugated.

Kraft sleeve boxes are nature-friendly and protect the environment from pollution. Cardboard stock helps in creating durable packaging for custom boxes. Moreover, You can mold cardboard easily to transform it into any shape and form. Corrugated is a study stock that strengthens the box and helps safe shipping.

Adorn Custom Sleeve Boxes with Magnificent Coatings and Enhance the Sales

The coatings are applied in the manufacturing of custom boxes to protect the packaging from stains and scuffs. Moreover, using laminations in coatings gives packaging a shiny and soft touch and makes colors more intense and dazzling.

Coating options are included:

  • matte finish
  • gloss finish
  • aqueous coating
  • spot UV

Glorify the Packaging of Wholesale Sleeve Boxes with Additional Add-ons and Finishings

Thousands of brands are running right now. It is very challenging to differentiate your brand’s products from the rest of the brands. We have made it easy for you. We give a concluding touch to your packaging sleeve boxes with additional finishings that give a new life to your custom box.

You can choose finishings among the following options:

  • embossing
  • debossing
  • gluing
  • perforations
  • foil stamping
  • silver and gold foiling
  • windows cut-outs
An Ideal Platform for Wholesale Sleeve Boxes: Urgent Boxes

By providing customers satisfactory services, Urgent Boxes has earned great success.  However, Our competent manufacturers are capable of creating customized packaging in any custom size and style.

Some of the significant components of Urgent Boxes are listed, making us the only option for wholesale sleeve boxes.

  • We ship the order to your doorstep without any charges.
  • Our company offers free and instant quote services.
  • Our packaging manufacturers complete orders at the shortest turnaround time.
  • You can get free-of-cost design guidance and help from expert designers.
  • Our services are provided at competitive prices.
  • You can avail of our discount offers on bulk orders.
  • Urgent Boxes provides free design mockups.
  • Our company does not charge for plates, die cuts, and physical samples.

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