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Variety Of Embroidered Silk Scarves And Scarves

Fibra Creativa offers you a wide variety of sizes of embroidered scarf and scarves, both in customizable scarves and in ready-to-wear scarves of our creations. Our dimensions correspond to the usual classic sizes on the market, plus some original creations.

silk squares

scarves, scarves and stoles

circular scarves and ribbon scarves (twilly)

We offer both scarves in classic sizes, such as the large 90×90 square, as well as models of scarves for men, easy-to-wear formats such as stoles, or original and contemporary models such as the snood , interpreted in silk. In this guide, for each model we indicate the range of standard sizes on the market, as well as the exact size of our models.

Note that there are also triangular scarves, and other various formats, uncommon today.

Silk Square Size Guide

Fashions change, the classic silk square remains an essential accessory , as popular today as yesterday.

Medium and large classic squares are the most common among women’s scarves. Typically feminine accessories, they are offered by the majority of major brands, the venerable Hermès house having largely contributed to their brand image.

Men generally wear the small sizes: the pocket square, of course, but also the neck squares. More recently, fashion designers have offered large squares for men, worn on the shoulder, in their collections.

This grid is generally valid for squares made of materials other than silk, for example polyester or cotton. In wool, we mainly find large and maxi squares.

Silk Twill Square For Men – Fibra Creativa For Jorge Vazquez.

Fibra Creativa squares are available in 4 types of natural silk fabrics . The hem is machine-sewn or hand-rolled, depending on the fabric.

 Large silk square (90×90 cm)

Let’s start with the classic of classics: the large silk square. It allows you to wrap yourself well, to make a multitude of knots (for the most skilful). All fabrics suit it, from the sumptuous heavy drape of twill to the vaporous lightness of muslin.

Medium Silk Square (68×68 Cm)

The little brother of the large silk scarf looks a lot like it, only smaller. It is tied or not. Worn close to the neck, it goes around it twice and is tied with a knot. Very versatile, it can be made in various silk fabrics, and machine-hemmed or hand-rolled, depending on use and budget.

It’s more economical than its big brother, for good reason: it’s significantly smaller. Although the dimensions seem quite similar at first glance (between 70 and 90 cm, there is little difference, right?), in fact, the large square is 75% larger. Because it’s the surface that counts!

Small Silk Square, Neckerchief Or Hostess Scarf (45×45 Cm)

Its small size makes it a very versatile fashion accessory ; it is worn around the neck, around the wrist, in the hair… or customize the handles of a bag!

Discreet and practical to wear, it brings a touch of fantasy without monopolizing attention. In machine-hemmed pongee silk, its low price makes it ideal as a promotional scarf or hostess scarf to bring a touch of color to a uniform .

In silk twill, it becomes  a men’s pocket square. The pockets are also smaller, 32×32 cm.

Gaudi matching tie and pocket square

The Silk Maxi Square

The silk maxi square is both superb and… a bit cumbersome. Its large size requires you to roll it up, which is perfect for snuggling up or producing maximum effect.

Maxi Silk Chiffon Scarf Florida – Fibra Creativa

The vaporous chiffon is the most beautiful effect in this dimension. It is quite rare to find maxi squares in twill or silk satin, probably due to the cost of the material. In fact, most of the maxi squares available on the market are made of polyester or cotton voile.

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