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Different Types Of Crops Grown In India

India has been the top producer of crops in the world for more than decades. In the Indian economy, agriculture plays an important role and it acts as the backbone of our country. Ranging from animal husbandry, terrace farming, to pisciculture, India experiences every type of farming. Most of the contribution to a country’s GDP is caused by agricultural activities. 

There are various types of crops that are cultivated in India by farmers at every scale. Let us know every crop that is produced within India. 

Seasons Of The Crop In India:

There are three seasons of crop growing in India such as Kharif, Rabi, and Zaid crop. Let’s discuss them in brief. 

Kharif Crops 

These crops are mainly sewn in the months of June and July when the monsoon in India begins. These are the seasoned crops that are later harvested during the months of September and October. 

These crops need warm weather conditions and continuous sources of water to grow in the best possible ways. Kharif crops are mainly maize, wheat, turmeric, sugarcane, pulses, cotton, bajra, etc. 

Rabi Crops 

When the kharif crop season is completed, farmers shift to the different seasons of the crop. Rabi crop is sown just after the kharif crop is harvested in the month of October and November. And these crops are harvested in April and May. 

Rabi crops require a warmer climate for the seeds’ germination process and for properly growing, it requires warm climatic conditions. Such crops are wheat, oat, tomato, onion, potato, oil seeds, peas, barley, etc. 

Zaid Crops 

Zaid crops are generally grown during the month of March and June. They include agrimachinery techniques. It is the time of the mid-rabi and kharif seasons. These crops are considered to be early maturing crops such as cucumber, pumpkin, muskmelon, gourd, watermelon, etc. 

Different Crops Grown In India 

Let’s have look at different crops that farmers grow in India: 


It is a tropical crop that is grown throughout the year depending on the climatic conditions. Rice production in India is very high, and India is ranked second in the world as the highest producer of rice. Conventionally, rice cultivation is popularly known as paddy cultivation all across the world. It is produced majorly in West Bengal, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, and Assam. 


Wheat belongs to the category of food crops in India. It is the 2nd important rabi crop produced within the country. In terms of wheat also, India holds the second position in the world. This crop is very adaptable and flexible to climatic conditions. Uttar Pradesh is the highest producer of wheat in the country. 


This is a subtropical and tropical kharif crop and belongs to the category of fiber crops. Popularly, it is known as White Gold in India. It is majorly produced in Gujarat and India ranks 3rd worldwide as the largest producer of cotton. 


This crop is grown in warm and humid climatic conditions, as it is a highly tropical plant. West Bengal produced the highest number of jute in a year. 


It is a cash crop and India holds 2nd position for its highest sugarcane production worldwide. Sugarcane suits the rainy season and its major producer is Uttar Pradesh in India. 


India is very famous for its amazing spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, pepper, chilies, turmeric, clover, ginger, coriander, arecanut, etc. These spices are highly produced in variety in Kerala and Karnataka and it suits their climatic conditions. 


They include gram, arhar, tur, masur, mung, kulthi, matar, etc. These pulses are a leguminous crop in India. These are eaten by almost every household all across the country. 

Hence, these are the major crop that is grown in their particular seasons depending on the atmosphere and climatic conditions. Farmers work day and night to get these crops served to the public all across the world. 

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