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Select The Type of Electric Breast Pump to Fit Your Lifestyle

Breast pumps are very useful devices for moms because they offer high flexibility and let them feed breast milk to the baby in a convenient way. When these devices solve several purposes, selecting the best electric breast pump can be challenging because of a wide range of options in the market. 

Breast pumps are usually available in three types – manual breast pumps, battery-powered breast pumps, and electric breast pumps. So, it becomes crucial for a mother to find the right type of breast pump that suits her lifestyle. Here are some important factors you need to consider to select the right breast pump to suit your lifestyle.

How To Choose the Right Electric Breast Pump?

When looking for a convenient electric breast pump, you have to make a choice between single and double breast pumps. With a single electric breast pump, you can express milk from one breast at a time. But a double breast pump allows you to collect milk from both breasts simultaneously. So, it is a lot more handy to use.

It enables you to collect more milk in less time compared to single breast pumps. Also, it is great for busy moms who don’t get enough time to use a breast pump. To determine which breast pump is right for you, you should consider how often you want to pump your breasts and how long you have been breastfeeding your baby. 

This can be divided into three stages, the first five days is called as initiate stage, 6th day – day 30th is the build stage and beyond 30 days is the Maintain stage. Depending on your stage, comfort, breastfeeding frequency, and the needs of the baby, you can select a breast pump. Here are some situations that you need to consider when selecting a breast pump. 

Problems With Milk Supply 

At the beginning of breastfeeding, issues with breast milk supply and latching difficulties with babies are common. You should consult your doctor to find a solution for this. In this case, you can use a double breast pump to increase the milk supply in less time. After using a breast pump for a few days, your problem will be solved. 

Want A Breast Pump for Occasional Pumping 

If you do breastfeed but looking for a breast pump for occasional use, you can choose a single electric breast pump or manual breast pump. It will let your partner or caregiver handle the baby when you go out. 

If you are a working mother and want to feed expressed milk to your baby, you can choose a compact and battery-powered electric breast pump. This will allow you to express milk anytime, anywhere, with no worries. If you have such a breast pump, you can easily carry it wherever you want.  


The requirements of every nursing mom are different, so they need a specific type of breast pump that is comfortable for them and the baby. Therefore, you should look for every aspect and choose the best electric breast pump that suits your needs.

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