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Twisting The Truth in A Job Interview? Here Is What You Should Know!

It is a well-known fact that everyone prefers to lie at an interview. A job interview is all about selling yourself to the interviewer to the best of your ability and hoping they fall for it! Award-winning social psychologist Ron Friedman estimates that 81% of people lie during interviews for jobs. Just seems sensible, doesn’t it? The only reason applicants attempt to distort the facts or outright lie is the fear of failing to land the job and receiving unfavorable feedback.

Even though it looks like the most sensible course of action, it is immoral. Furthermore, there is no assurance that the interviewer will fall for it. Here are some justifications as to why you should NOT lie!

1. It’s Simple to See Through You!

Recruiters are taught to interpret nonverbal clues and body language. If you’re not an excellent liar, you might be discovered. You can stutter, turn red, tremble, begin to perspire, or even go blank!

However, there is no guarantee that your lies won’t be discovered later in the employment process. If you are a good liar, your lies might come to light during a background check or in response to follow-up queries that you might be unable to respond to.

They might also get in touch with your former employer and request a reference.

2. Goes Your Reputation Downhill!

If you are found lying during an interview, it may not only hurt your chances of landing a job but also hinder your ability to land other interviews. The word spreads quickly, and before long, you can be identified as a liar. Your deception getting uncovered after getting employed is even worse. Your employment could be terminated, which would not be ideal for a resume. In that case, what will come next? A lie out of that as well?

3. Wrong Job, Wrong Timing

If you claim to have “particular” skills when you don’t, you might be hired anyhow. Then what? In your haste to acquire those talents and abilities, you might discover that you are faced with stressful situations every day. The employer won’t, however, give you the opportunity to develop because they believe you are already skilled in those areas. No matter how great the position and money are, you can also come to the realization that this isn’t what you were searching for. Was the deception now worthwhile?

4. You Are Letting Your Dreams Slip Away

You can’t possibly know if you enjoy doing the work if you lie about having a certain ability. Based on them, your employer will give you chores to complete, some of which you might not enjoy. Additionally, you might pass up opportunities to complete work and projects that you genuinely enjoy!

All of these arguments show why lying is never a good idea, but what if there are some details you don’t want your employer to be aware of? Then what? Honesty to the point of brutality may make it more difficult for you to get the job.

  • Say you were fired from a previous job and don’t want to lay it down; you can slightly bend the truth a certain way and present it in a more positive light.  
  • Instead of lying about your lack of a given ability or essential expertise, you may strive to persuade them of your learning curve.
  • Instead of lying about it, you might convey confidence in your competency and skills and request specific compensation if you have previously been underpaid and do not want that to happen in this job.

Create a Safety net for Sticky Situations

One must create a safety net for themselves before one gets into the arena of getting interviewed, especially if they don’t have a not favorable history like being laid off. The best way is to have some referrals from senior colleagues, ex-managers, mentors, professors, or friends in your kitty. JollyHires – the next gen job search app offers one to be able to upload a text or video referral. In today’s rush world when everyone is in a hurry, a quick video referral option makes it all easy for the person referring.

After all, hiring is a tricky game where you must figure out all the controls and of course don’t forget to add a safety net for yourself! All you must do is understand how to play it.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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