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7 Most Common Teaching Interview Questions And Answers

Interviews are full of stressful and anxiety-driven situations, especially if it is your first time. However, preparing common interview questions and answers in advance always pay off. Although we can never know what exactly the interviewer asks, almost every interviewer starts the conversation with typical questions.

So, if your answers to those questions satisfy the recruiter, the odds get high of you passing the interview with flying colors. Keep this in mind, you don’t need to memorize the answers but should know how to respond. This would be possible when you wade through this post and be mindful of all the seven questions and answering techniques.

Following are the seven most typical teaching interview questions along with techniques to answer them correctly. Implementing these answering techniques would help you dazzle your hiring manager and hopefully land you your desired position.

1. ­Can You Tell Me About Yourself And Give Your Brief Background?

Starting with the most common question an interviewee asks is to tell about themselves. It serves as an ice breaker between both parties and the interviewer gets a verbal summary of the interviewee. This query has several variations, such as I have your resume on my table, but can you tell me more about yourself?

It can be challenging to craft your response right at that moment, therefore, plan it before attending the meeting. Mention all the experience and achievements you have acquired related to the position. Also, describe how your existing skills fit into your expected job.

Shed a light on your strengths and abilities and demonstrate examples to prove them. Share your personality and personal interests but refrain from giving your private details. Make sure your response is clear and concise to keep it crispy.

2. What Attracts You To This Job And Our Company?

Here comes the second most expected common query you would be asked, therefore, it is better to prepare in advance. This opens a door of opportunity to demonstrate your interest and how deeply you have researched the company and position. Make sure to pore over everything you can on the institution’s website, social channels, and other new articles.

Respond by identifying the institution’s values and mission and how that aligns with your desired career path and values. In case, you’re still in the stage of applying for lectureship positions, ensure your university personal statement is solid. A great personal statement and resume would pave the path for an interview.

3. Tell Us About Your Interests And Hobbies

Here comes one more typical question, but the way you respond to it would create an impactful difference. To reply in the best way possible, start with creating a list of your hobbies and interests. After that, plan in a way that shows how you can bring value to their position and institute.

Identify your extracurricular activities, values, interests, and skills. After this, respond to them in a way that shows how your hobbies and interests can help their organization.

4. Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

At the end of an interview, the interviewer would ask you this typical question. They would further say that feel free to ask about anything related to the job and organization. It is crucial to prepare a list of queries you want to ask during the meeting and keep them in your mind at that time.

When the hiring manager asks you this, it allows you to make sure whether the job is right for you. Besides this, ask queries that prove your enthusiasm related to the offered role and your preparation for the job.

5. How Do You Ensure That You Are Meeting Students’ Expectations?

Superiors as well as the students expect from the teachers and lecturers. Thus, a good professor meets the expectations of both sides. The interviewer would ask you this to gauge your awareness related to the expectations of the learners. Your response would help them decide how great you are at delivering lectures, so, answer wisely.

One of the best ways to answer is by expressing how you take a survey at the beginning of each semester. Tell them that you ask pupils about what they hope to gain from my lectures and what their expectations are about learning. This helps to plan out a strategy that is carried out throughout the semester.

6. Share Your Approach To Giving Feedback On Assignments

Professors are responsible for providing feedback to their learners to help them acknowledge the areas that need improvement. However, feedback should be presented in a way that encourages a pupil to improve and take on new challenges. Therefore, your interviewer would ask you this question to judge whether you are the right instructor for their students.

You can respond by saying that you stay vigilant about your pupils’ performance and handle feedback in person. Having a meeting with every individual student helps to understand their weak points. You can further claim that you advise every student individually about the factors they need to work on. Moreover, if you are applying for a lectureship position, taking teaching personal statement help from online experts would amplify your success rate.

7. What Is Your Lecture Style And How Is It An Asset To Our Pupils?

The interviewer would ask you this query to examine how your skills and talents can contribute to the university and pupils. Blow the mind of your interviewer by planning your reply wisely.

Highlight your unique methods of teaching and delivering lectures that make a splash in the classroom. You can claim your dynamic style of delivering lectures includes various modern technology and fun activities, rather than the classic and monotonous method.

Wrap Up

These were the seven common teaching questions and answers from our side. When it comes to doing the spadework for the interview, you can only cover some of the bases. So, clear the decks by planning out the response to the most typical questioning in advance. It would help you come a long way and land your desired academic position. If you want part two of this post, let us know in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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