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Trading bot for Huobi

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange from China with offices around the world. Working since 2013, it has long been established among the world’s largest exchanges.

Before we start: we will talk about Huobi Pro (Huobi Global), which is the same Huobi that was started 6 years ago. It used to be located at huobi.pro, but now users looking for the exchange at the old address are automatically redirected to the updated portal: hbg.com.

Thanks to the RevenueBot service, the exchange offers automated trading on the Huobi Spot as well as the perpetual Huobi Futures USDT-M contracts.

History of the exchange

Huobi’s story begins in 2013, when Oracle engineer Leon Li and his own company Huobi Group launched a trading simulation platform. A month later, the platform began to support real transactions with Bitcoin, and by the end of the year had received investments from Chinese businessmen.

In 2014 it raised funds from venture capitalists from Sequoia Capital, and in 2021 Huobi accounted for 60% of global Bitcoin trading volume.

But in 2017, the Chinese government launched a campaign against cryptocurrency exchanges and ICOs, forcing Huobi to stop operations in the country and look for a new place of residence. This caused unrest in the market, but by the end of 2017 the exchange not only opened a new headquarters in Singapore, but also launched branches.

The trading platform is currently in the top 20 exchanges according to CoinMarketCap.

Huobi is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2013, which is now an expert trading platform for professional traders. Initially, Huobi only operated in China, and after a reorganisation it has appeared on the market under the brand name Huobi.pro. The crypto exchange is known for its high data security, so special attention should be paid to account registration and verification. Its interface has been translated into 12 languages.

Functions provided by the exchange

  • Using an exchange. You can not only place orders to buy or sell a particular cryptocurrency, but also change the currency immediately, at a bargain price offered by the exchange itself.
  • Taking advantage of margin trading. 
  • Taking advantage of opportunities related to blockchain technology development. In particular, you can participate in the development of various projects through the Huobi Labs app. For example, your project can receive financial support if it receives investors’ approval and interest. The main task is to get them interested.
  • Using votes to promote the best crypto projects. In this way, you can help promote projects in which you are interested, and thus it is good to make money in the future.

Automated trading on Huobi

Automated trading is possible on the trading platform thanks to RevenueBot, a service for creating trading bots. The service is one of the leaders in the segment and allows users to create new bots or buy ready-made ones using the internal marketplace.

All you need to do for successful trading: set up a configuration that suits your needs and choose a trading strategy. The rest is done by the trading bot itself.

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