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Top Ways To Make Sliding Doors Quieter

Sliding doors are a great addition to any home, allowing for easier access to outdoor spaces and often providing spectacular views. However, after a few years of use, you might find that your home’s sliding doors have started to make a bit of noise each time you open and close them. 

If this noise is driving you a bit crazy, what can you do? 

There are a few solutions you might want to look into that can help quiet the sound of a sliding door. Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know. 

Sliding Door Hardware

The easiest way to make a sliding door quieter is by investing in a piece of hardware that can help silence excess noise. Most sliding door rollers are not complicated or expensive, but they’re likely the only thing you’ll really need to help reduce the volume of your doors. 

Not only will these rollers dampen and silence any irritating sounds that may arise from your sliding doors, but they will also prevent skidding and erosion, and help prevent general wear and tear. 

They are generally easy to install as well, so you can get your sliding door issue over without needing too much effort. 

Clean Out Dirt and Grime

Another element that might be adding to the sound that your sliding glass door makes? If there is dirt and grime in the tracks, it’s going to create more resistance and problems for the door rollers as they move.

As a result, you’ll get that loud and irritating sound that you might already be experiencing. 

Cleaning the tracks of your sliding door with a vacuum nozzle might be all you have to do to get rid of most of the sound distraction you’re dealing with. If the dirt and grime are too baked in, you might need to create your own cleaning solution to help get it all out. 

Use a Lubricant 

Excessive friction and dryness might also be contributing to your sliding door sound problem. Using any kind of lubricant can help to relieve the situation.

A silicone lubricant would be most ideal, which would grease up the wheels and allow them to move more smoothly (and thus silently!) down the track.

There are a huge number of lubricants available at even your local supermarket, so you can pick the product that makes the most sense for your budget and preferences. 

Dry the tracks with a cloth and compressed air after for the most ideal performance.

Fixing Noisy Sliding Doors

If your sliding doors are driving you crazy with their ceaseless noise, you’d probably do anything to resolve the situation. Lucky for you, there are a few different things you can try, with the above being the most helpful.

These solutions should all help to quiet your sliding doors and allow for a more peaceful environment – and none should be too difficult or expensive to pull off.

Need more advice for the home? More maintenance recommendations and advice? Keep scrolling our blog for more. 

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