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Top Tips for calming your nerves during your routine check up

Going to the dentist can be a daunting task, even for a routine check cup. Nerves are a natural occurrence for many people and is important to not feel as if you’re going through this type of experience alone. Equally, it is also important to not disregard your oral health to adapt to the nervousness of visiting your local dental practice. Below, we will explain the top tips to combat this nervousness to ensure that your anxiety is lessened and that you can still get achieve your ideal smile.

Systematic Desensitization

Arguably the scariest but most likely the most effective way to combat your nerves is by testing out a method backed by many a psychologist known as systematic desensitisation. This method is primarily for people who are having to deal with anxiety linked to being a patient such as visiting the dentist in this way. The way this works is by effectively forcing yourself to overcome your fears in the moment. As terrifying as this may sound, the proof behind this working is second to none an wouldn’t be suggested by top psychologists if it didn’t work.


As the case for other forms of fears and anxiety, medication can sometimes be the way forward if the feeling of fear becomes too severe and starts to have a negative impact on your health and the way you live your day to day life. It is best to get advice from a doctor on if this is the right step to take, however it can be useful when taken correctly.

How do you relax

Thinking about what helps you relax in other aspects of your life can also prove to be helpful when visiting the dentist. For example, if you ever need to use noise-cancelling headphones on a flight to calm your nerves of flying, using this might also prove to be beneficial in the dentist chair. Having an understanding dentist in this situation will help you feel more relaxed so you can have peace of mind when going for your regular check up. A dental practice renowned for ensuring their patients’ comfort is paramount is London City Smiles based in North London.


There are a number of ways in which you can start to relax at the dentist and overcome this fear but the important thing is to remember that you do not suffer from this alone. It is estimated the over 34% of adults experience some level of fear when visiting the dentist so just make sure that your oral health and health in general doesn’t suffer too.

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