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Top Safe & Secure VPNs for MAC: 2023

It is generally recommended to avoid using a free VPN for any platform as they somehow lack security features. But here after thorough research, we have come up with some best free VPN for MacBook that are safe enough to serve their services.

To open the restricted content, we need to install VPN- Virtual Private Network.

Benefits of having a VPN

  • Unblock the restricted websites
  • Surf the internet at a faster speed
  • Secure your private information
  • Avoid throttling of bandwidth

Where does a free MAC VPN lack behind:

  • Doesn’t work with large streaming videos. The free VPN allows only a limited amount of data per day access. Streaming videos require more data that will not work with a free VPN.
  • Offers only a few servers which means you can’t access everything with a free Mac VPN like Netflix, prime videos, etc.

You can also contact Cleaner Suite to get help in choosing the best VPN for your MacBook. 

Best free VPN for MacBook

  1. Proton VPN: A best 2023 VPN for the Mac with unlimited data. Its free version allows you access to 3 server locations with great security features and provides fast speed.

You can upgrade to its premium version to avail the torrenting and streaming services.

  1. Hide.me: The main benefit of this free VPN for MacBook is that it won’t irritate you with the ads. It provides you with unlimited bandwidth but limited data usage which is 10 GB per month. You can still access the data after utilising the given 10 GB but will lose the chance to choose the location. You will get 24*7 customer support as well. Paid websites are blocked here as well.
  2. Atlas VPN: one of the best free VPN Mac 2023 to unblock the content. Only VPN which uses protocol WireGuard tunnelling in the free version. You will get connection speed unlimited with 5 GB of data per month. You can have an unlimited number of connections but can’t use streaming and torrenting services.
  3. Express VPN: This VPN is not completely free but guarantees you a 30 days money-back option. It provides you with streaming capabilities, unlimited data usage with high speed, high-end security and much more.
  4. Hotspot shield: it limits you to 500 Mb per day with a good speed of data usage. It’s totally free and limits the usage on paid websites.

The cleaner suite has solutions to all the technical issues related to antivirus, VPN services, software installation, features related to phone enhancements, or any other. They have a team of professionals who can resolve all the issues in minutes and will provide you with the best service which will be worth enough in return for your efficient and quality work.


A free VPN is enough for all your basic needs but if you want more than that you should definitely choose the option of a money-back guarantee or free trials or get the premium one.

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