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Top Five WhatsApp Mods

WhatsApp is one of the world’s most popular text messaging applications, offering many features and a simple layout. The app has surpassed two billion users worldwide, but many users feel that some aspects of the app aren’t up to par. WhatsApp mods are programs installed on the phone to alter the app’s core components. These changes can include various UI and privacy toggles. To see all  WhatsApp Mods APK, click here,

WhatsApp Plus

The WhatsApp Plus mod is an alternative to the official Whatsapp app. It offers many features that you can’t find in the official app, including the ability to upload long videos and share stories. However, the disadvantages of this application include the fact that official Whatsapp authorities can block it. Considering installing this mod, you should be aware of its drawbacks.

WhatsApp Plus Download is a WhatsApp mod that allows you to send unlimited videos and photos. It also adds a special setting to prevent other users from deleting your messages. Another great feature of this mod is that it allows you to save someone’s status and send them a high-quality version of them. You can also hide the call button, download profile pictures, and save the media you send to others.


While YoWA is one of the most popular mods for WhatsApp, RC YoWhatsApp APK is an excellent alternative for those who want to switch to an iOS theme. This mod comes with all the features of the original app but with a fresh iOS look. Developed by Richar Correa, this app can be downloaded for free. It provides the same features as YoWA but with a much cleaner and more elegant user interface.

To use RC YoWhatsApp, you must have an Android device. To download it, open your phone’s file manager and click on the install button. Then, type in your phone number and tap on Copy WhatsApp Data. Finally, click on Restore to restore the data. Then, you can use all of the app’s features, including adding contact lists. You can also change the UI and restart the app if necessary.

Delta YoWa

Delta YoWhatsApp is a highly customizable and feature-packed WhatsApp mod created by DELTA LABS STUDIO, the same developer of DELTA-GB WhatsApp. It is based on YoWhatsApp, which Yousef-Al Basha created, but it features more customization options and a unique UI. Since WhatsApp has recently banned GBWhatsApp, developers have said they will no longer update it.

One of the most popular WhatsApp mods, Delta YoWa, is a great choice to personalize your messaging experience. It allows you to add your backgrounds, choose your font and use themes. It also has special character features such as do not disturb mode, which hides notifications and allows you to send and receive emojis and other special characters.

ZE WhatsApp

ZE WhatsApp mod is a modified version of the official Whatsapp application. It has several features and is anti-banned. Some of the mod’s main features include viewing deleted users’ statuses and the anti-ban feature. To download the app, you must follow the following steps:

ZE WhatsApp mod is one of the most popular WhatsApp modifications. It can be downloaded from PlayStore and the browser. The developer of the app ensures the application is 100% safe.

Soula WhatsApp Lite

Soula WhatsApp Lite is a powerful messaging application that allows you to customize the app’s appearance and change the name and number of your contacts. The app also allows you to hide the chat button and remove the gray line on the main screen. Moreover, Soula WhatsApp allows you to send up to 700 MB of videos and photos without losing quality. However, the only downside to Soula WhatsApp Lite is that you cannot record longer than 30 minutes of videos and photos.

Soula WhatsApp Lite requires an internet connection to work properly. It can be installed on rooted or non-rooted Android devices. Before installing the application, make sure to enable the installation of unknown sources on your device. Once installed, you can send up to ten photos in high quality. However, you must remember that this application has some privacy issues. The developers can view your messages, jeopardizing your security. In addition, it is slower than the official WhatsApp app.

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