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Top Activities to Boost Confidence in Students

Self-confidence is one of the essential virtues your child needs growing up to achieve success in life. Whether attending primary school for the first time, sitting for your first job interview, or making an important decision in life, self-confidence is the one vital thing. Parents play a crucial role in building self-confidence and a positive self-esteem in their kids’ lives. Plenty of activities and games can help children build self-confidence in the early stage of their life. Let us take a look at them.

  • Self-reflection

Self-reflection is one of the best ways to encourage self-confidence in your kid. Ask your kid to find some quiet time before bed and write down their reflection on the day spent, especially the feel-good experiences. It will help them realize their inner power and boost their confidence.

  • The power of pretend play

Role and pretend play activities in American international schools can increase your kid’s self-confidence. Ask your kid to choose the favorite character of a storybook or a famous sports personality and play with friends during the weekends or the holidays. It will be a nice challenge for them to play their favorite character and portray all the positive qualities in them. It will boost their confidence in the long run.

  • Mirror mirror on the wall

Standing in front of the mirror and letting out all positive and negative emotions aloud can be a miracle self-confidence-booster activity. Some questions and answers related to the kid’s personality can also be tried as a variation.

  • Give responsibilities

Giving age-appropriate responsibilities to your child while planning a trip or organizing a party can increase their confidence to a great extent. Sometimes, let them play the role of the leader and ask others to abide by the instructions. Your kid will be bubbling in confidence. Your kid will initially need your assistance and guidance; eventually, they will learn to take hold of the situation and manage it.

  • Encourage independence 

Parents need to encourage independence to inculcate self-confidence in their primary school students. When packing for a family trip, let your child pack their suitcase. Ask them to clean their room, arrange their books and toys, walk the dog, and wash their plates if possible. Taking charge of their own life will work as a confidence booster tremendously.

  • Let your kid play the role of a teacher

Let your kid teach you. Acknowledge their effort in teaching by asking questions and showing interest in knowing more. Ask them about their favorite games, science projects, field trips, and hobbies. They will be thrilled to pour themselves out. Their confidence will surge once they realize their power and importance.

  • Let them solve some problems

According to international American school, sometimes giving your kid a non-specific challenge will allow them to think and solve those problems. Problem-solving is one of the most recognized ways to increase self-esteem.

  • Try out different activities 

Encourage your kids to try out different activities. It will not only help them to find their interest but also will make them more confident about themselves. Learning new skills always helps to shape the personality. They can try theater, dance classes, singing classes, art and craft classes, and so on. It will aid them in exploring beyond the horizon and communicating with the world. Coming out of their comfort zones will help them be confident human beings.


Believing in their abilities is a vital part of growing up. Learning from mistakes and overcoming new challenges will transform primary school students into confident and accomplished personalities.

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