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Top 6 Travel Places in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Johor Bahru has a lot of places to choose from. There is so much to do including shopping and eating out. You can now visit JB and enjoy all the good things JB has to offer.

JB has many activities that are fun and well worth the effort. Malaysia has top theme parks and water parks, as well as many delicious food to try, and experience the fun of playing karting in Johor Bahru. Take some time to explore these amazing things in Johor Bahru with your loved ones.

1. Legoland Malaysia

A trip to Legoland Malaysia will allow you to unleash your inner child! You’ll find 8 themed areas at Legoland with exciting rides and miniature LEGO models of countries like India, China and Vietnam. There will also be hands-on activities for you to showcase your LEGO skills.

Legoland Water Park has more than 20 slides and rides for those who want to have fun. The park’s SEA LIFE aquarium is home to more than 13,000 marine animals and promises to get up close and personal with them. Legoland offers something for everyone, no matter their interests.

2. Johor Zoo

A family trip to the zoo can be a wonderful way to get together. Johor Zoo is a must-see place in Johor Bahru. The zoo was established in 1928, as you know. It’s actually older than you think!

You will enjoy seeing many animals such as lions and tigers, gorillas and elephants. You can also bring your kids to feed the animals! Feeding animals can be fun. You can also wait until the birds show up if you get tired from walking.

Beyond the animals and entertainment, there are plenty of attractions to enjoy with the family. You can rent a boat for a boat ride together, or let your kids play in the playground while you relax on the benches.

3. Skyscape

If you are not afraid of heights, Skyscape is the best option in Johor Bahru. You just need to go to Menara JLand in Johor Bahru. Here you can find sky view.

Skyscape is a roof deck made of glass. From there, you can see the skyline of the city. You can also take pictures and feel like you are floating on the floor. Skyscape also offers 6 points of view, so it’s not just scenery.

These are 6 attractions you can enjoy while at Skyscape. They’re all included in your ticket: mini theater, interactive floor games, virtual reality (VR), observation deck, sky bridge and LED tunnel. Adults from outside Malaysia should budget around RM38 to enter Skyscape and all its attractions. Tickets for the elderly and children will have different prices.

4. Johor Bahru City Square

Street markets are already open. The next thing to do is to visit the malls in Johor Bahru. We are going to aim at Johor Bahru City Square. The mall is in the heart Johor Bahru’s business district. Well worth a visit.

The mall has the most prestigious tenants. These include household items, food and drink. There are also some well-known fashion brands, including Bridal Studio. Official electronics stores and entertainment venues such as karaoke. You can find everything you need in one place. If you are planning a holiday in Johor Bahru, it is best to stay in a hotel near Johor Bahru.

5. Fanpekka

To make JB more enjoyable, you should include your children in the activities. Fanpekka is sure to be a favorite activity in JB. Fanpekka can be found at Aeon Mall, Tebrau City. Fanpekka, an indoor theme park that offers a variety of activities for children, is located in Tebrau City.

Six areas are divided within the theme park. Each area will have different activities. Roleplay Leikkimokki will allow your children to play shopkeepers. You can also hop to all the slides and build your own house in the Assembly Leikkimokki!

6. Lok Lok

Johor Bahru’s most popular food is lok lok. Lok lok, a steambot that consists of skewered meats and vegetables, is also known as Lok lok. They can be grilled or steamed.

Lok Lok can usually be found in a mobile van. You will find one on the streets of JB. Lok Lok is a popular food in Malaysia and you should try it out on all your Johor Bahru nights.

Although the concept of Lok Lok has been adopted in other countries including Singapore, it is still worth trying the original one while you are in JB.

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