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The Best Online Study Tools that Could Help you Prepare for Exams

Exam preparation is one of the most stressful periods of the year, especially for young and inexperienced students. This is why using online study tools can make students prepare for exams without stressing too much. So if you’re a new student, or you plan to get back to school after a while, then here are some of the best online study tools that will help you study more effectively and pass your exams as a result.

Cloud storage options

Keeping all your data safe can be tricky if you’re a busy college student. This is why cloud storage solutions such as Google Drive, iCloud or Microsoft’s One Drive can be so helpful here. These storage options allow you to safely keep and freely access all your documents and pictures from any device that you own. This can be super useful if you need to access a document during the lecture, for example. Also, feel free to keep all your study materials uploaded to the cloud storage of your choice in order to be better organized as a student. The usability, accessibility, cost-effectiveness, automation and synchronization are all important advantages of cloud-based technology that students can benefit from in the long run.


When it comes to presentations, PowerPoint is often unmatched. However, there are other tools that you could use, such as Prezi. This online presentation tool is more engaging than PowerPoint, as it allows students to create more creative and dynamic presentations. Prezi also allows students to publish their presentations on their accounts, and therefore, make them publicly available for their classmates as well. Prezi is an amazing solution for students as it has numerous templates, it’s totally free, and it contains links and a zoom option which can be very helpful while giving out an important presentation.

Digital libraries

Libraries are one of the greatest gifts to humanity, and digital libraries are, therefore, the best gift for college students. The amazing thing is, you can use those libraries to access all the information and textbooks while preparing for your exams. Hence, if you are studying in Scotland, you can always look into the University of Edinburgh resources and notes, in order to prepare properly for any exam, presentation or essay. Nowadays, many renowned world universities have their own digital libraries that their students can use freely whenever they need to. Aside from these, there are also numerous free resources such as Google Scholar, that are all reliable and helpful for students.

Virtual classrooms

Virtual classrooms have shown to be very useful for many students. They can improve students’ participation and engagement, and therefore, improve their grades. Besides, following students’ participation and attendance is much easier in virtual classrooms, especially compared to traditional ones. Another huge benefit lies in the fact that virtual classroom lectures are record, which allows students to listen to them while prepping for exams. Being able to revise the material by listening to your lecturer can be hugely beneficial. Also, virtual classrooms offer more free time, which means that students can focus on actual studying or getting to know each other.

Educational applications

Apps have become something we use for everything, from morning alarms to beauty tips. Therefore, it makes all sense to also use them for studying as well. There are so many apps to choose from. If you want to test yourself, you can use various quiz-based apps, like Kahoot, for example. As a matter of fact, many teachers prefer to use Kahoot in order to additionally engage the students. Aside from these apps, there are also digital planners, calendars and reminders that you can use to make sure you’re on the track when it comes to your studying goals.

3D printers

Sure, 3D printers might seem like an expensive technology, but you can still use them as a student, to improve your studying results. Some educational institutions are already opting to use them. For example, it can be effective to use 3D printers and teach geometry to kids. However, for adult students, 3D printers can be even more beneficial. Design and architecture students can use such printers to enhance their studying and learn more effectively. However, the biggest beneficiaries of this technology are medical students: 3D printers can be used to print the exact replicas of human organs, which allows those in med school a better overview and an in-depth dive into the complexities of the human body.

Being a student means you have to be prepared and organized, especially when it comes to your studying material. If you organize all your notes, and books and use all the available resources, you’ll feel more accomplished and motivated to reach your academic goals. As long as you’re open to using all the available apps and other resources, you’ll be able to successfully pass all your exams.

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