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Top 5 Traits of A Good Trader

CFD trading does not merely evolve in finding the best trading strategy, then practicing and reaping money after every closed position. There’s so much more to that. Traders must also develop a specific trait that will make them implement a particular strategy that is effective no matter the market condition. This means that successful traders are not born but instead, they are developed over time through arduous work combined with the good traits of a trader.

A Disciplined Trader

Number one on the list of the most appropriate behavior for every trader is discipline. A disciplined trader can achieve infinite success in the financial market. You may be able to open thousands of trades per day but only very few of them can bring you profits. So, if a trading strategy suggests opening about five trades per day, setting targets, and stop losses automatically, then you should not mess with the process. Do not get distracted. Do not exit your trades prematurely. Do not hold on with the trade for too long. This is not how a disciplined trader should act.

A Patient Trader

Patience is required in trading because traders need to wait for the perfect time to enter or exit their positions. These moves should also be based on the trading strategy that you created before you start the trading day. In trading, you will encounter a seesaw of prolonged patience, then a bit of action, then patience again as you wait for the next opportunity to enter a trade.

A Trader That Adapts Easily

No trading day is the same. There will be small differences from time to time that might cause problems if the trader only knew the strategy through textbooks. When they try to implement the strategy, they come to realize the whole picture. There is so much difference compared to the ones they read in trading books.

A good trader must be able to easily adapt to the trading strategy in the live market, throughout any market conditions and they also know the time to stay away. When a trader fails to adapt to the market condition that they are in, it will harshly drag them down.

A Trader That’s Mentally Tough

A mentally tough trader can also be called thick-skinned. The fact is, the market will always lose trade on your side but you shouldn’t get lost in it. You must have the ability to bounce back and never get discouraged every moment that you fail, or when your strategy disappoints you. In the financial market, the only constant thing is losing trades. Even the most successful traders encounter losing trades every day.

An Independent Trader

This is especially true among new traders who are not yet very familiar with the market. They will most likely ask for help or search for some invaluable information through reading CFD trading books, articles and watching informative videos online. But you must remember – at the end of the day, you will be the one to make the trade. You must slowly learn to be independent, not relying all the time on other traders. You must choose the trading method that will be suitable for you and the strategy that will complement your trading plan.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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