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Top 5 Must Have Tools For All Professional Tilers

If you are a professional tiler and wish to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and methods in tiling, this blog is just right for you! For any professional tile installation, having the right tools for the job is crucial because, without the proper tools, Professional Tilers in Melbourne may deliver poor-quality tile installation, which is a waste of time and money. To avoid such circumstances, read on and find the top 5 essential tools a professional tiler must have to get the job done right.

Professional Tilers in Melbourne
Professional Tilers in Melbourne

Essential Tools For Professional Tilers

1.    Tile Cutter

A top-quality tile cutter is a must-have for all professional tilers in Melbourne. Using the best tile cutter is crucial to get the best results during tile installation, as it allows you to make precise cuts and ensure the perfect fitting of tiles. Did you know that there are numerous tile cutters in the market, including glass cutters and carbide-tipped pencils? Doing your research before choosing the one that best suits you is critical!

A glass cutter is inexpensive and may be sufficient for making simple cuts on a few tiles. Moreover, manual tile cutters are adequate for ceramic tiles and offer straight and accurate cuts. While manual cutters may take more time, they require less skill and can be used even by non-professional tilers.

2.   Wet saw

A wet saw is another essential tool for all professional tilers in Melbourne. Professional tilers use wet saws to cut ceramic and porcelain tiles. These tiles are more complex and require diverse cutting methods compared to the standard tiles. Did you know that wet saws use a diamond blade for cutting through ceramics and porcelain? Wet saws can be expensive; therefore, tilers must buy the best tool that suits their purpose. A wet tile saw, similar to a small table saw, uses a water stream to keep the diamond-encrusted cutting blade cool while it cuts through hard materials.

3.   Tile Nippers

The tile nippers are some other essential tools for professional tilers in Melbourne, which use these tools to trim tiles to fit around obstacles such as cabinets and plumbing fixtures. Tilers can use tile nippers to create bespoke shapes and designs for tiles depending on customer demands. Professional tilers must ensure they getthe best pair of tile nippers that suits them and are comfortable to use. Tile nippers are hand tools and are most often used to remove small chunks of tiles when tilers cut along curved lines. Tile nippers resemble pliers and have two handles connected at a pivot joint. However, they differ from pliers in that the jaws on the nippers have cutting edges.

4.    A level

Professional tilers in Melbourne also use a level to ensure even installation of tiles. Tilers must use a group during tile installation to align tiles in a straight line and to ensure there are no gaps in between. Moreover, investing in top-quality that is easier to read is crucial to get the best results. Tilers use laser levels to mark a level line for fixing tiles in a straight line. Furthermore, they also use laser levels to check the levelling of the tile substrate to deliver a perfectly finished job!

5.   Grout Floats

For tile installation, grout floats are essential tools for all professional tilers in Melbourne who wish to deliver the best quality tiling services to their customers. Tilers use grout floats to evenly spread grout (thin mortar used for filling spaces) between tiles to fill all gaps or voids. Tilers add grout floats in spaces between mosaics, stones, or tiles for the perfect finish. Tilers must ensure they get a float of the right size for their hands to avoid discomfort or fatigue during the task.


The tools mentioned above are essential tools for any tiler to add to their toolkit. Professional tilers can use these tools to tackle any tiling job, big or small, with utmost ease and confidence. Professional tilers even provide kitchen tile installation services. If you are a homeowner looking for Kitchen Tilers in Melbourne, contact your local tile installation companies to enquire if they offer professional kitchen tilers.  

Homeowners may require kitchen tilers in Melbourne to install tiles on the kitchen floors or walls and require professional assistance in understanding their exact needs and what services would give them the best tiling solutions. Kitchen tiling is the heart of the home, and choosing the best professional who is skilled and experienced at the job is crucial to getting the best results.

If you wish to improve the ambience of your home or kitchen, installing tiles is the best choice. You can speak to tiling experts to learn more about adding long-lasting and durable tiles that match the wall colours. To enhance the look and feel of your home or kitchen, speak to your nearby tile installation companies and book your tilers now!

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