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Top 10 Must-Have Items in Every Baby Boy Gift Hamper

Are you wondering what items are added to make beautiful baby boy hampers in Singapore? Fear not as we are going to reveal a list of the top 10 must-have items that are present in every baby boy gift hamper. So, whether you are creating your own hamper or picking a readymade one, these items will help you build or choose a practical yet cute hamper for new parents. So, let’s get started.

Lovingly Signed

Running short on time to design a hamper? Visit Lovingly Signed for a delightful collection of baby boy hampers in Singapore. You can even build your gift set adding all the must-have items you need for the new baby. Personalize, wrap, and get ready to cheer up the parents and the baby! Lovingly Signed is home to wonderful baby items. From clothes to blankets to toys, find it all at this exceptional brand.

Let’s see the top 10 items that must be present inside a hamper to make it thoughtful and practical.


The first and foremost important items are baby clothes. Since babies outgrow their size quickly and need frequent changing throughout the day, you need to add a few outfits for the wee one. Also, ensure that the clothes you are putting in your hamper are soft and made of sustainable materials (e.g. cotton and bamboo). Your baby’s comfort is the first priority.


Blankets are a must. Whether to wrap your little one tightly or to tuck them in for a sleep, they must have a significant position inside a hamper. Get a blanket that is soft and breathable. It must guarantee a warm and cozy sleep for your baby. You also need to get a perfect size for the baby so it can be used for a few years.


What is bath time without towels? Add a towel with thick cotton toweling material. Every parent wants the best for their baby. The towel must be rapid-absorbing and highly gentle on the little one’s skin. Also, it must be able to keep the baby warm and cozy after a refreshing bath. After all, we don’t want our little ones to catch a cold.


Post-drying, it is important that your baby is wrapped in a perfect-fitting robe to keep him warm until clothes are on. Not only do they give comfy feel but also look luxurious on your little one. So, ensure that your hamper contains a thick robe to keep the baby warm after a bath.


Bedtime is nothing without a thrilling and bright-colored storybook. Engage your baby in an adventurous yet sweet story every night. With pretty illustrations and vibrant pop-ups, your baby will look forward to bedtime. This is an important means to stimulate the cognitive senses and motor skills of the young one. Of course, it’s never too early to being reading.


Among all essentials, toys deserve a unique place. The best is to add a stuffed toy, preferably the Jellycat Bunny. It makes a wonderful pal for the little guy and sticks with him no matter what. Whether to play or cuddle with, the bunny proves to be an ideal companion. So, next time you design a hamper, don’t forget to add something for the entertainment of the wee one.


Every baby has to undergo this painful process but with a teether, you can alleviate their pain. A soft, rubbery, and safe-to-use teether becomes easy to grasp and chew by the little ones. With this, the teething gums get relieved. So, a hamper must contain one for the teething process of the baby.

Bath Mitt:

Bath time will not be a cry session for your baby if you get them a luxurious bath mitt. It ensures rapid drying while staying soft on the delicate skin. Cherry on top, it is disguised as a fun shape so babies enjoy and chuckle throughout their bath session.

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Bunny Comforter:

For low moments, a bunny comforter ensures the utmost comfort for your little one. It helps to pacify and cheer them up when mom isn’t around. Adding a bunny comforter to a hamper will surely ease moms’ lives.

Bamboo Accessories:

Adding some bamboo accessories like a bib, hat, and mittens is a major life-saver. Along with being eco-friendly, they ensure that your baby stays cool and fresh in them all day long. These essentials are definitely needed by the little one so make sure your hamper is the one to provide it.


Lovingly Signed is the best place to design baby boy hampers in Singapore. Whether you build your own or pick their pre-made ones, they outshine every other gift. Add a greeting card to send your wishes to the newborn and parents. Shop online at Lovingly Signed for a magical experience. 

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