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Tips To Write An Effective Essay

What Is An Essay?

Essays are relatively shorter pieces of writing on a particular topic to present the author’s case. They can be on subjects ranging from formal and scientific topics like global warming to completely informal and subjective topics like ‘how my summer holiday went’. Hence, you should consider what kind of essay you are given as your writing style will depend on the type of essay.

The pen might be mightier than the sword but it’s of no use if you don’t know how to use the pen. When talking about writing, it is hard to miss writing essays. Essays are an important part of your school and college life. You might be wondering why you have to deal with essays in the first place. Well, that is because essays are important for helping you develop your language, research, and argument skills. If you have been trying to tap into your Top Essay Writing potential, this blog is going to help you out.

Here are the methods you can follow to write amazing essays every single time!

Start Ahead

Essays can take a lot of time and effort and so you will want to start early. As a student, you might be tempted to leave this task for later and spend your time doing other things. However, that isn’t a wise decision because rushed essays look bad. Your teacher is going to know that you have written this essay in a hurry and that will give the impression that you don’t take your studies seriously. On the other hand, students who start early are able to submit essays that are close to perfect.

Select Your Topic

You must be writing this essay for a particular subject, so you will have tons of options to choose from. However, choosing an essay topic can be confusing when you have so many choices out there. So here is what you can do, start with making a list of topics that you love and then shortlist them until you reach the final one. Start removing those topics that are irrelevant or which are so new or rare that it’s hard to find information on them. If you still have a few choices left, choose something that isn’t too common.


Although you might think you should research after choosing your topic, you should rather start by collecting your own ideas, and here is why. Whenever it comes to writing about a topic, you always have a unique point of view to offer. However, this point of view begins to change as you read more and more about the topic. Although you will learn a lot of things by reading up about your topic, you will also end up losing your original ideas. So think hard about the topic and note down your ideas regardless of how raw they are.


Now, this is the step you must already know about because researching is important in essays. So start with researching your topic on the internet as it will save your time of searching through content in the library in case you find enough material online. However, you need to take care of two things while researching your topic. Firstly, you will need to verify of those internet sources for your topic are reliable or not. Secondly, you will need to note down and save all the important information along with their citation and reference.

Organize The Content

You must have tons of content by now for your essay, so now is the best time to organize it before you start writing. In this way, you won’t have to read all the information back and forth to find what you need to write the essay. So organize the information you have gathered through the internet and through your own ideas through themes. This can help you decide the subtopics of your essay within your word count. Stick with a diagram or an outline to give yourself a sense of direction to know where to start.

Write The Introduction

This should be your very first part and the first paragraph while writing your essay. Remember that your goal at this point is just to convey the information on the page, you can perfect it later. So begin writing by introducing your reader to your topic and all the key concepts. You need to build a background scene first to help them understand what is going on before moving to the main body. Plus, writing an awesome introduction can also help hook your reader’s interest and get them interested in your topic.

Complete The Body Paragraphs

The body paragraph is where you have to explain your arguments and points about your essay topic. This is where organizing the information according to their themes will come to use. Now that you have the themes ready, you can lay out this information into paragraphs and elaborate on them for the reader. Just remember that each paragraph is supposed to talk about one idea and you will have to move to the next paragraph to discuss another idea. Make sure you create a smooth flow while moving from one idea to another between your essay paragraphs.

Conclude and Edit

This is the final part of your writing process and it will require you to put a lot of thought into it. This is because the conclusion is supposed to give the readers a sense of closure and a feeling that the essay is now complete. Messing up this stage means that your essay might end up looking incomplete and this will get you a bad grade. So work on making your conclusion as brief yet complete as possible. Finally, go through your entire essay to correct any mistakes and improve upon the structure, wordplay, grammar, and tone.

In Conclusion

These essay tips aren’t meant for particular subjects, they apply to all disciplines at any level of education. Hence if you want to improve your writing and make your pen mightier than the sword, these are the steps you need to follow. If you have always wondered what are the elements that go behind the Top Essay Writing Services pieces, there you go. With these tips, you are ready to convey your ideas thoughtfully, convince the reader that your points are valid, and get the highest grades in your class.

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Uneeb Khan
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