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Tips To Choose Perfect Bed Comforters For A Better Sleep

Comforters are a must-have bedding product, especially for the winter. However, people who use air conditioners can also use them throughout the year. They keep you warm throughout the night and help improve your sleep quality. A perfect comforter will be different for different individuals. Although, several common qualities must be present in all bed comforters, irrespective of their design and appearance. We have jotted down the top tips to help you choose the right bed comforter. Let’s check them out!

How To Choose A Good Bed Comforter For Optimal Sleep?

Pick The One With A Good Fabric

The fabric is one of the important factors to consider when looking for a good comforter. When you sleep, only the outer layer of the comforter will come in direct contact with your skin. So, it should be made from a fabric that is soft and gentle on the skin.

For instance, a cotton comforter set can be ideal for most people. Cotton comforters are made from a breathable fabric that keeps your body cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Plus, they are naturally comfortable and soft which helps you get a good sleep at night.

Similarly, many natural fabric alternatives will improve your experience of using the comforter. When the outer layer of the comforter is made from a smooth and natural material, it does not create friction with your skin and provides you with a relaxing experience. In short, choosing a comforter with a good fabric ultimately improves your sleep quality.

Pay Attention To The Filling Material

Same as the outer covering of the comforter, what’s inside also matters. The filling material used in the comforter should be soft and fluffy. This way, it can easily adjust according to your body and provide a comfortable experience.

Moreover, the weight of the comforter majorly depends on the material that is stuffed inside it. If the material is high in weight, it will make the comforter too bulky which will eventually make it uncomfortable. As no one wants to sleep while having a burden on their body, it is preferred to pick a comforter made of lightweight filling material.

It will help you easily clean or wash the comforter if required. The weight of bedding items like comforters is multiplied after they are soaked in water while washing. For this reason, choosing a lightweight comforter can reduce your efforts while cleaning.

Ensure That it Provides Enough Warmth

The main use of a comforter is to cover your body and keep you comfortably warm during sleep. So, it is obvious to pay attention to the warmth of the bed comforters before making a purchase.

The warmth of the comforter majorly depends on how it is constructed. It basically refers to the interior stitching pattern of the comforter that prevents the filling material from shifting or getting collected on either corner. Here are the top comforter construction techniques:

  • Channel :
    This type of comforter construction involves stitching parallel to the fill material. Therefore, the filling material can change its place within the individual channels but can’t shift out of them. It divides the material into a few sections that get adjusted according to your body as you sleep.
  • Baffle Box :
    It is one of the most popular comforter construction types. It involves a checkerboard pattern that creates different box-like sections of filling material. It not only prevents the material from shifting but also ensures high breathability and uniform warmth in every section of the comforter.
  • Quilt Stitched :
    It is similar to baffle-box construction in appearance but there are no baffles that prevent the material from changing its place within each box-like structure. It doesn’t provide the maximum warmth and fluffiness but is a cheaper construction alternative compared to the baffle box technique.

Choose The One That Can Be Cleaned Easily

You should buy a comforter that can be easily cleaned. By that, we mean that the bed comforters can be conveniently washed and dried in a machine. Some comforters are meant for dry cleaning only, which will increase the hassle to keep your bedding clean and hygienic.

You have to take the comforter to a dry cleaning shop and then bring it back to your home. Plus, dry cleaning services charge a considerable amount, so you will not be able to clean your comforter, every once in a while. In most cases, the cleaning will be limited to 1-2 times a year.

For this reason, you should go with a comforter that is easily washable in the machine. Your bedding may appear clean from the surface, but it contains bacteria and other microorganisms. Plus, comforters come in direct contact with your skin, so they also absorb moisture in the form of sweat. If you sleep in dirty comforters, you can encounter problems like itchiness and skin allergies. Therefore, it becomes necessary to buy a comforter that can be washed regularly.

Follow The Cleaning Instructions

Most of the time the comforters are fluffy, soft, and comfortable when you buy them, but they eventually wear with time due to improper cleaning. As a result, they no longer stay comfortable for sleeping. An ideal way to prevent this from happening is to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the respective manufacturer.

It helps maintain the finish and fluffiness of the comforter for a long time. Most comforter sets come with instructions to wash them on front-load using a detergent that is free from harsh chemicals. Plus, you can use drying balls to maintain the fluffiness in the comforter’s material while drying. It will ensure that your comforter stays in a good condition for a long time for sleeping.


Finding a comforter that can ensure a comfortable sleeping experience for you can be tricky, especially when there are so many options to choose from. However, if you consider the above tips while making your selection, you can easily find the comforter that is the right pick for you. Along with all the key tips, you should take care that you are purchasing from a reputable bedding provider. This way, you can get a comforter that looks good, feels comfortable, and also does not break the bank!

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