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Tips On Exploring the Wild with Outdoor Subscription Boxes 

Outdoor adventures open doors to discovery, learning, experience, and fun. Subscription boxes are an excellent way to acquire new gear for every outdoor activity. They have everything for everyone – from beginners to pros. Also, you can get items for different activities in one box, which is ideal for people who like to mix things up. 

This article helps you to best use your adventure with subscription boxes. You will learn how to plan your outdoor activity with a subscription box, including what to look for when choosing one and how to use the gear you get. The post also outlines different outdoor activities you can do with your new tools. 

Whether a beginner or an experienced adventurer, using a subscription box is a great way to get new gear for your next outdoor activity. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your experience. 

1. Picking an Ideal Package 

Your subscription box will determine the kind of outdoor activity you will enjoy. Each company provides unique packages with different items. Consider your needs and interests when choosing outdoor subscription boxes. What type of adventure do you like? Are you a hiker, camper, or fisher? Also, determine your skill level. You may want to consider the packages for various activities. When thinking of adventure, think of BattlBox. Their unique approach makes it perfect for any outdoor activity. Each delivered box comes with gear intended for that season. Pick from four subscription levels, each higher package offering better quality tools for more advanced explorers. Another option would be Crate Club for people who love extreme sports and adventure. It is best suited for tactical and survival occasions. You will receive everything you need from industry experts used by professionals. Your choice among the three packages will help you survive the most challenging terrains and conditions. 

2. Picking the Delivery Dates 

Your subscription box should arrive shortly before your next outdoor adventure. This way, you will have enough time to study the items and familiarize yourself with them. It is also essential to check the return policy of your provider in case you are not satisfied with what you receive. 

Some companies offer monthly subscriptions, while others provide boxes every other month or quarterly. Choose a delivery schedule that works for you according to your vacation or journal. Most subscription box companies ship your first package immediately after payment and the next on a fixed date during the next shipping month, for example, the 15th of the second month. 

Sometimes, you may not know your exact day for an adventure. But you can tell which month you will likely go on an outdoor trip. In such a case, it would be best to choose a monthly subscription. That will bring you the gear you need on time every month. You can change the delivery frequency or unsubscribe, as most companies will let you do that. 

3. Follow the Manuals 

The gear in each subscription box comes with a manual. Do not try to use it without first reading and understanding the instructions. Some items are delicate and require special handling. Others may be too complicated for you and demand the help of an expert. Some of the goods in the package may be new to you. Ensure you research before using them. 

The manuals will also teach you how to use and maintain your gear. For instance, some items require regular cleaning and servicing. Others are only useful for specific activities. For example, you may get a tent for camping in one package but find it too small or delicate for hiking. Get spare batteries, if needed, for items such as torches and GPS devices. 

4. Get the Right Size 

Ensure you choose the perfect size for your outdoor gear. The wrong size will be uncomfortable and may even put you in danger. For instance, a swimsuit that is too small will restrict your movement and make it hard to swim. A pair of shoes that is too big may cause blisters or cause you to trip. 

The same goes for other types of gear, such as tents and backpacks. A tent that is too big will be hard to erect or may take up too much space in your car. A rucksack that is too small will not fit all your supplies. Confirm the sizing with the subscription box supplier before committing. Provide your body size to receive the best fit of clothes and accessories. 

5. Engage Other Outdoor Enthusiasts 

You need company during your adventure. Whether you are into sports or exploration, you will meet people with the same interests. Online communities like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet, and National Geographic have forums for different types of outdoor activities. 

Check out the groups and see if any are organizing an event near you. You can also search for dedicated activity groups on social media. Some of them include mountain biking, hiking, camping, and fishing. You can even find groups with subscription boxes delivered to their members monthly. But prioritize your safety when engaging strangers. 


Subscription boxes complement outdoor activities by providing the gear you need on time. They also enhance your experience by bringing new and innovative accessories. But you must choose the perfect package to get the best out of it for your next adventure. With adequate planning, your next activity will be more fun and memorable. 

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Uneeb Khan
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