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Tips for selecting the best clothing manufacturer for your venture

Designing and manufacturing clothing is a complex business. After selecting your business model and clothing niche, you should consider the garments. Your first collection works as the launch pad for your brand. It showcases your brand’s essence and values and releases your distinctive aesthetic to the world. You can discover new avenues while growing. However, finding the best custom clothing manufacturer for your business is not simple. Choosing the right factory as per your requirements is essential to your success. Here are the top three tips to help you with it:

Choose your supplier wisely

Your first choice in picking a clothing manufacturer would be whether you want to pick a domestic or overseas manufacturer. When you see overseas manufacturers, names like India, China, and Hong Kong appear frequently. You have your share of advantages and disadvantages of working with domestic and overseas manufacturers, considering your budget, shipping, labor cost, and communication. 

For instance, when you choose domestic clothing, you will find higher quality products with familiar regulatory standards. But when it comes to cost, it is comparatively costlier than overseas. Eventually, you can get the highest quality product at a high price. And, as a new brand, you wouldn’t want this. Furthermore, you may choose to work with an experienced manufacturer that offers good customer service for smooth production. 

Know the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

As a new business, you would want to produce in small quantities for your brand. Professional small–batch manufacturing companies can manufacture in small quantities at the same price with exact precision.

Clothing manufacturers know the budget limitations small businesses face; hence, they accept MOQs as few as 50 pieces. So, even a new brand can easily place an order without any hesitation. The best thing is that low MOQ doesn’t limit the quality or production abilities of the company, and you can get customized clothing as per your requirements.

While it is impossible to calculate how much your business will succeed, you should select a manufacturer who can scale your growth. So, in the future, if you choose to expand, they should offer a simple and smooth transition.

Consider the production procedure

Do you want the manufacturer to just assemble the fabric according to the design you have provided, or do you want them to develop a design for you and then manufacture it? It depends on whether you want to customize a line of products from their end or wish to provide a design of your own and make them only focus on stitching and tools. 

A full-package production is excellent for companies with no-garment-making abilities. They should choose a manufacturer who can produce from start to finish. They cut, stitch, and attach buttons, labels, and everything. However, it is, of course, costlier than quick assembling. 

Make sure you decide the production procedure from before and get the most of your requirements at an affordable price.

Research well and choose a company that can help you meet your requirements.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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