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Tips And Tricks For A Successful Multi-Platform Streaming

The concept of live streaming is not alien to any individual now. People have understood the worth and benefits that streaming can make to their business and content creation journey. But it surely comes with a lot of competition. With this competition, it is necessary that you cover the majority audience on all the popular streaming platforms. This concept is known as multistreaming. Multistreaming is a method of reaching your target audience in a more efficient and convenient manner. If you are a platform looking to expand your audience, multistreaming is the key to successful branding and extensive customer outreach. There are numerous platforms that support multistreaming, but this article will focus on platforms that offer free multistreaming.

What is Multistreaming

Simulcasting, also known as multistreaming, is the simultaneous distribution of a single video stream or content across multiple platforms. It aids in network channel optimization and simplifies live streaming across various social media sites. Multistreaming contributes to the growing digital trend of video streaming on social platforms while also providing cost-effective Content Delivery Networks to businesses (CDNs).

Brands that recognize the importance of reaching a large audience via social media are one step ahead of their competitors. So, if you want to up your game, start live streaming on multiple social media platforms to increase viewership and customer base.

Benefits of Multistreaming

  • Streaming on specific web platforms may limit reach, but brands can overcome these limitations by live streaming across multiple channels. It also unifies the media strategy and connects all platforms for easier access and use.
  • Multistreaming expands reach and ensures that no potential market is missed. Streaming on multiple sites covers the entire market because the audiences on each of these platforms differ.
  • Multiple social media live-streaming platforms would necessitate a unified marketing strategy and position for all. This cuts down on time, effort, and risk.
  • Most streaming tools allow brands to save the live stream for a set period of time or indefinitely. This feature allows brand audiences to watch the stream later on their own time.

Tips and Tricks For Successful Live Streaming

  • Live Analytics 

After you have done a few lives, you will want to pay close attention to your analytics, just like you would with any other type of social media post. To maximize views and engagement, make sure you post at the right time. Take note of the number of views, average view duration, engagement rate, and reach.

  • Promotions

People may happen to see your video as you hit the “go live” button. Notifying your audience that it is coming up will only increase those numbers. Make sure to include information about upcoming lives when you schedule your social media posts. Begin a countdown on your various social media platforms to hype up the occasion.

  • Intriguing Hooks

Your live video is competing for viewers with millions of other videos already on the internet. A timely hook will give your video the urgency that evergreen content lacks. Make it short and crisp but so attention-seeking that people will be diverted to it in one read. 

  • Collaborative Content 

One way to gain attention is to share a live broadcast with another influencer or expert in your field. It is a great way to leverage your guest’s audience into your own new followers, whether it’s an interview with someone you admire or a more collaborative production.

  • Clear Context

The expectation is that viewers will stay tuned in from the start, but the reality of live streaming is that your audience will come and go throughout the broadcast. Make it clear what they are tuning into by reiterating the topic from time to time. A watermark, text, or logo that clarifies who is on screen and what is happening can also be beneficial.

  • Engage With Audience 

The whole point of doing a live video is to connect with your viewers. Make sure they understand they are a part of the show. Say hello to commenters, welcome new viewers who have just joined the stream, and, if possible, answer questions on the fly.

  • Plan Ahead

A live stream has the advantage of being unpredictable. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have an idea of what you want to achieve. To stay on topic, jot down your key points before going live. Consider it more of a road map than a script.

  • Setup

While on-the-fly filming has its appeal, videos that are inaudible or poorly lit can be difficult to follow. Prepare for success by conducting a sound check before going live. When possible, use bright, natural light, and use a tripod if a shaky arm is distracting.


When you stream across multiple social media platforms, you can better understand where your potential audience is located. All of the analytic tools provided by streaming platforms assist you in going through all of the details that you might otherwise overlook. Free multistreaming platforms have altered the way creators interact with their audiences. It is more personal, offers more benefits, and drives traffic to your stream.

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John Oliver
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