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Thrivecart Review Detailed Guide 2022

In this article, we have featured Thrivecart Review, The shopping cart software known as ThriveCart was initially developed by Josh Bartlett in the year 2016, and despite having

been in development for more than four years, the software is still only available through the company’s pilot program for a one-time cost that is drastically reduced.

It also has a wide range of price options, and they provide their customers with exceptional Thrivecart coupon and discounts every year. 

Thrivecart Review

ThriveCart Pros

Flexible Payment Options ThriveCart is able to process payments using virtually all of the available online methods.

Advanced Affiliate Marketing The affiliate marketing program offered by ThriveCart has a wide variety of customization possibilities and is natively integrated within the service.

Excellent customer service; all of my concerns were addressed and handled in a timely manner.

It is simple to use, and you can begin making sales in just a few short hours.

ThriveCart has numerous different upsell, downsell, and bump options, all of which are designed to boost the lifetime value of your customers.

Cost-effective as compared to the majority of other services, the majority of which charge a percentage of each transaction. You will only have to pay a one-time price for ThriveCart, which may save you hundreds of dollars in yearly expenses.

ThriveCart Cons

Big One-Time Payment Instead of splitting the cost down into monthly installments, ThriveCart asks for a one-time payment from its customers. Despite this, it may prove to be beneficial to you in the long term. Due to the fact that it is a one-time payment, the longer you use it, the more money you will save.

Not Great With Tangible Things — You should search elsewhere if you are selling physical products because we are not very good with them.

Thrivecart Review: Features

Offers that Upsell, Downsell, and Bump the Price

By increasing the number of things that are available for purchase over the course of a transaction, a business may easily raise the worth of a client over the course of their lifetime.

Imagine you are in the checkout lane at a grocery store and you want to buy some gum. At the moment of purchase, ThriveCart gives you the ability to upsell, downsell, and provide bump offers to your customers.

In addition to trial offers, multiple payments, and subscriptions, ThriveCart enables all of these features. You are provided with virtually every opportunity to test your product and to increase the lifetime value (LTV) of your consumers.

There are many different shopping cart options.

You have a variety of options available to you for the presentation of your shopping cart, depending on the price range and the sort of goods you sell:

Standard is the normal page for an order form, and it is an excellent choice for high-priced products.

A landing page and shopping cart merged into one single product is known as a sales cart.

Embeddable content is content that can be added to an existing page in order to facilitate ThriveCart integration.

A popup order form appears when the user clicks a button. Excellent for low-priced products and impulsive purchases.

Design Editor feature

The freshly enhanced visual drag-and-drop editor in ThriveCart makes it simple to create a shopping cart that suits your needs.

Additionally, the possibility to share prefabricated ThriveCart layouts with other users is also available. In this way, you will be able to incorporate the knowledge and experience that others have gained into your own cart.

Affiliate Program 

In my opinion, the majority of retailers ought to utilize an affiliate network of some kind in order to market their wares. It is an efficient method for marketing your items since you only have to pay an affiliate when one of their visitors makes a purchase.

ThriveCart’s affiliate program offers features that, taken together, should meet the needs of the vast majority of merchants and affiliates.

Consequently, it is not necessary to make a separate investment in a third-party affiliate network in order to use this software.

Simply avoiding the need to integrate new software can save you hundreds of dollars, not to mention the headache it causes.

You will also be able to give a special incentive to participants in the program, which is a distinctive function that is not included in even some of the most effective affiliate programs.

Although it is not often practiced in affiliate marketing, this strategy has the potential to significantly boost conversion rates.


One of the most essential functions that your company relies on is its online shopping cart.

You need to have the right support lines in place so that you can get help if you run into any problems along the way.

These problems might include not knowing how to use the program, possible technical difficulties, or even unannounced downtime.

The documentation that comes with ThriveCart is loaded with in-depth support articles and tutorials that will walk you through how to solve problems that won’t make your pulse race.

Even though it’s all quite basic information, you might find it helpful if you’re not familiar with how shopping carts operate.

ThriveCart Pricing

When it comes to price, ThriveCart is a little bit different from its competitors. The majority of online shopping cart businesses charge customers on a monthly basis.

For instance, the monthly cost of using SamCart begins at $49. Some even impose a fee for every transaction, meaning that the more transactions you make, the higher your overall cost will be.

At the moment, there are just two pricing categories available for ThriveCart, and all of them include unlimited access to the service. Only one payment is required, and then that’s it.

Although ThriveCart claims that its present pricing may change in the near future, I am not convinced. This particular promotion has been made available by the corporation for more than three years at this point.

At the moment, the only option to obtain ThriveCart is to do so through an affiliate (such as myself). At this time, you will not be able to purchase ThriveCart on the main website.

Because it comes with all of these additional capabilities, the “Pro” edition is the superior value.

Affiliate Marketing Platform

Transactions made with a credit card that is about to expire or was declined are subject to dunning, also known as rebilling.

The most important reason to upgrade to the “Pro” version is so that you may make use of the custom domain name capability.

You need a method to measure the amount of traffic to your shopping cart as well as the number of people who convert while living in a world that does not permit cookies from third parties.

Therefore, the URL of your shopping cart will change to appear like this: 

Not only will it appear to be a part of your website if you use a subdomain under your major domain name, but it will also be able to be tracked using analytics software. It is strongly suggested that you purchase the “Pro” edition.

Both the “Standard” and the “Pro” editions provide access to the available courses. Learn+ is an option that may be purchased for $195 if you are interested in extra functionalities.

It is likewise a one-time cost, but you may get it for any edition of the book. Check out the courses section up above to learn more about what is included.

Last but not least, ThriveCart offers a money-back guarantee if you decide to cancel your subscription during the first thirty days of using the service.

Is ThriveCart Worth it?

The bottom line is that it would be beneficial for you to invest in ThriveCart for your online business given that it has assisted other business owners in generating more than $2.0 billion in sales to this point. 

This solution will have a rapid return on investment (ROI) and will rapidly pay for itself thanks to the array of tools that are included in it that are meant to help you increase your conversions and sales (return on investment).

If you run a single campaign and make just one bump or upsell, it’s possible that you won’t need to worry about paying for this software again. 

Because of the likelihood that a single campaign will pay for it many times over, I strongly suggest ThriveCart to anyone in the marketing industry.

In addition to that, the fact that there is a limited-time lifetime bargain available with no ongoing fees is a fairly cool perk. Personally, I’ve been using it, and I think the value it offers in terms of the capabilities it possesses compared to the price is outstanding.

Thrivecart Review Conclusion

The program has been under development for more than four years, and it has a vast feature list that will satisfy even the most dubious marketers.

Thrivecart still provides one of the best and most flexible checkout experiences I have encountered among shopping cart software despite the fact that it lacks support for cryptocurrencies and has a limited degree of customizability.

This is despite the fact that the software has a few things that could be improved upon.

It comes with a toolbox that will assist you in not only increasing the number of sales you make but also the average value of each sale, AND the one-time cost is drastically reduced from what it would normally be. For More details Read Bloggervoice

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