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Three most important principles for UI/UX designing

User interface design or user-interface design (UI design) refers to the use of graphic design elements in the layout and visual presentation of an application, operating system, website, or other interactive product.

User experience (UX) encompasses everything related to art that shapes users’ perceptions, interactions, and experiences with products. Like their physical form, function, features, and benefits as well. How they relate to their environment; how they are priced; when they are bought.

UI designers are those who create what you see on a page while UX designers create what you don’t see – the system behind it all. But what are the responsibilities a UI/UX designer has? Let’s check it out!

Responsibilities to Become a UI/UX Designer:

  • As a UI/UX designer, you get to turn someone’s raw idea into an interactive, real-world experience. You are the one who gets to design the interface that’ll make users click, scroll and submit with ease.
  • To design the look and feel of a user interface and information architecture.
  • To provide a usable application that meets users’ needs so they can accomplish their tasks, as well as to ensure that any new developments are future-proof.
  • A UI/UX designer must be able to put the customer first by designing competitive products. In order for a UI/UX designer to stay competitive, they must focus on continuously learning and adapting, researching new trends in design or emerging technology in order to stay up-to-date with changes in the market.
  • A UI/UX designer should be able to deliver working prototypes and mock-ups, manage the design language and propose new ideas. They should also be able to demonstrate their skills to a large number of stakeholders within a small time frame. Being flexible, it is also important for them to be capable of working in a team and collaborating with other designers, developers, writers, and copywriters.
  • A UI/UX designer must understand design tools so they can choose the right tool for the job at hand. Working with these tools is a routine part of their work, it is important that they are technically proficient enough to use them without fail. In some cases, they may have to work alongside developers or programmers, so it is important that they have a good understanding of the development process.

Three Important Principles for UI/UX Designing:  


Understanding users and customer needs as well as developing a problem statement are the first steps when designing an application, website, or software program. It is important to know what you are designing for. And who it will be used by before beginning to design the solution. This task can be challenging because it requires a lot of research about users and their needs, as well as evaluating alternatives in order to choose the best option which can meet all user requirements. The information gathered will act as the foundation to create the design.


Once you have designed the product, it is necessary to present not only your design proposal but also to demonstrate that you can meet or exceed the expectations of your clients. This requires a lot of creativity as well as technical knowledge. The design process starts with research and planning and then moves on to creating wireframes that define the structure of how elements will interact with each other. The next step is designing screens and mock-ups so that a working prototype is built which describes how users will interact with the product once it has been developed.


The last phase of the design process is to get the product ready for industry standards by developing a full-fledged product. This involves going through testing phases and getting feedback from end users. If they are satisfied with the project, then it is time to launch the finished product and get feedback to improve on it in future releases.

How Can I Become a Professional?

The best way to get into the industry is with the assistance of courses. No matter your present level of expertise, know that if you’re prepared to put in the time, effort, and attention, you can educate yourself through UI/UX design courses. Numerous reputed institutes are providing UI UX designing courses in Kolkata. Well, along with that you also have to keep developing your knowledge and abilities and keep in mind that nothing happens overnight. With that, during research, you will need to critically analyze various aspects of customers including their habits, their environment, and what they see as important. You will need to understand the main problems they face, and what they like and dislike. And you will need to identify their needs and how your solution can meet them.

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