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Things you should know before consulting the Best Trichologist In Chennai   

According to doctors, transplanted hair can be expected to grow continuously for a long time period, perhaps a lifetime. A good number of people are found to experience spot baldness and patchy hair. Although hair loss is not any disease or harmful to health, it does cause drop in confidence and self-esteem! Visiting a good doctor who is a specialist in this field will help you to know the available remedies.

Remedy for hair loss

The Best Trichologist In Chennai consider hair loss to occur for various reasons besides nutritional deficiencies and genetics. Fortunately, there are available different types of treatment. Hair transplantation is s wonderful method to re-grow hair. Hair transplants are found to have low failure risks without inviting any unwanted side effects. But to achieve desired results, it should be performed only by a well-trained specialist with sufficient domain experience.

Few things to know before undergoing hair transplantation procedure

  • Natural and transplanted: Once transplanted hair starts to grow after the procedure, you need to take care of it just like your normal hair. The reason is because transplanted hair is quite similar to that of natural hair. It can be styled as desired and offers that natural look. Also no special care or regimen is required to be followed for its maintenance. You can treat and wash it like natural hair.
  • Surgical process: Hair Transplant In Chennai is considered to be a surgical procedure involving elimination of roots and follicles from a particular part of the head, referred to as the donor site.  Then, these are transplanted into the balding region, called the recipient site. It is a non-invasive procedure taking just a couple of hours for completion. It is also applicable to other body areas like the pubic region, eyelashes and brows.
  • Medication: Transplanted hair is almost permanent. To retain them permanently, you don’t have to take any medication. Transplant is mainly performed to cover bald patch that exists on the scalp. Hair transplanted hair present in the head’s front part might still experience hair loss. Treatments and efforts need to be taken to ensure better overall hair health.
  • Aftercare: The doctor will prescribe taking anti-inflammatory medications and antibiotics that you need to have on time.  Use head wash to ensure having moist head always. Avoid swimming, rigorous workout and direct sun exposure following the procedure especially for the initial three weeks. Do not use chemical products like gel or chemical treatments at least for one month from the procedure.
  • Does it offer permanent results: Almost yes! You can derive permanent hair from transplantation procedure! Transplanted air will keep on growing for your lifetime. It is not likely to fall off or thin after the procedure. You have a choice to opt for FUE or FUT method. Both methods involve extracting hair grafts from donor region.

Get quality hair transplantation procedure

Visit a good clinic that is known to use the latest technology for hair translation done by an experienced specialist. Following the above will allow you to enjoy the procedure and derive the best results.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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