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Things You Need to Know in Pokemon Go

For players looking for general tips, tricks, and assistance in playing Pokemon Go, they may want to take a look at this Pokemon GO Comprehensive Guide. This might sound like pretty obvious advice for a Pokemon game, but one of the most important things you can do in these titles is to capture lots of Pokemon. In addition to boosting your team, catching lots of wild Pokemon can get you rewards from specific people you meet across the Kanto region.

The most basic thing to remember is Stardust, which you will automatically gather whenever you catch a Pokemon, and which will take a specific number to power up. Stardust and Candy are both available for use with any of your Pokemon, but what Candy you receive is species-specific (for example, when catching a Zubat, you receive a Zubat Candy). Tech Story.

There are certain Pokemon in Pokemon GO that only show up in the wild through these uncommon encounters, so try out catch combos in every region to see which Pokemon appear. You will see wild Pokemon spawning around your avatar intermittently when Pokemon Gos open, and tapping one of them will start the encounter. Note that high-turnover gyms, such as the ones located in the most popular areas of your town, will likely KO your pokemon fairly quickly. If you wish but cannot keep the Pokemon at the Friendly Gym, you will need to battle your way up in levels.

Raise this gym’s Prestige Level enough, and you will be allowed to leave up to 6 Pokemon in a gym, provided that they are not the same type. If your team claims or has claimed, a gym, you may battle the Pokemon residing there in order to raise that gym’s prestige level. If you can eliminate another team’s Pokemon, you will be able to keep your Pokemon there and claim the gym. If another team has control of a gym, you may fight Pokemon who are defending it to win control again.

If a gym is under your team’s control, you can send out one of your own Pokemon to go down there (assuming it has a place) to help defend it. Instead of fighting a gym leader, you can drop one of your own Pokemon into a gym and defend it for your team. You can repeatedly fight with a friendly Pokemon until your gym gains another level, which will then reveal another defensive position, allowing you to put one of your own Pokemon into defending the gym. Once you have reached Level 5, visited the gym, and picked your team, there are some things you can do, such as the fight against other trainers’ Pokemon.

Then, you will fight against weaker Pokemon in a Gym, working your way up to stronger ones. Each time players attempt to capture the Pokemon Gym, and a Pokemon that is there to defend it defeats them, you get a few coins in return. For instance, if you are trying to take over a popular Gym, which is frequently taken over, you will not get a lot of Coins in return, especially if you are using a powerful Pokemon to defend it, which is defeated very fast. Pokemon who are sitting in Gyms (such as in far-flung areas that rarely see players) but not defending them will not get much in the way of coins.

One of the most unique evolutions in the game is of Eevee which happens completely randomly, if you are wondering how to get Umbreon in Pokemon Go or some other Eeveelutions be sure to name Eevee on the basis of the evolution you want and it may do the job.

Unlike the Pokemon that follow you around, the Pokemon that you are riding on do not detect hidden items, so you have to decide whether you want to receive the boost to your Speed or possibly discover a precious Goody. By doing remote raids, you will be able to obtain some rare Pokemon without traveling to a physical location that might have the raids. Raids are battles against large, boss Pokemon taking place at Gyms, and you may have to work together with a group of friends in order to defeat them. Whether you are participating in a Raid, battling in the Gym, or another event, raids are best done with friends within the game.

You may come across wild Pokemon while doing research missions or during raid battles, but the most common places where you will find them is directly on the overworld map. Completing the raid rewards Trainers with insane amounts of Experience Points, as well as a chance to capture a powerful one for yourself. Once you reach Level 20, you will be able to enter Raid Events where powerful boss Pokemon appear at specific times throughout the day. If Trainers are looking to be at the top of their game with Pokemon GO, then this complete Pokemon GO guide is sure to be helpful.

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