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Things you must know when flying Spirit Airlines

The booking process is with offers to add a hotel, car rental, ground transfers, and other services. If you don’t want to add extras, scroll to the bottom and click the “continue without” button. After entering your passenger information, you’ll be to add bags, select your seats, and then select more extras.

Getting on a Spirit Airlines Flight

Because Spirit flights are usually full, there will most likely be a large crowd at the boarding gate. As with any airline flight, it’s best to sit back and relax until your boarding zone is called. If you are unsure whether your personal item is oversized, I recommend carrying the bag even if it has wheels.

The majority of gate agents will not take the time to size your bag as long as it does not appear to be large. This is dependent on the agent and the situation, and if you are certain your bag is too large, you risk paying the exorbitant $65 at-gate bag fee. To be safe, use Spirit’s bag sizers near the check-in desk to ensure your bag fits the correct dimensions. Bag fees are lower at check-in than at the gate. Check Spirit $9 Fare info online.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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