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Things you must know when flying Spirit Airlines

Follow this step-by-step guide on what to expect when flying with Spirit Airlines to avoid confusion and disappointment at any stage of the travel process, from booking to boarding to the in-flight experience

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What You Should Know Before Booking with Spirit Airlines

First, become acquainted with Spirit’s business model. Spirit is not like major airlines like American, Delta, or United, nor are they like low-cost carriers like JetBlue and Southwest. Spirit is what is now known as an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC). But, if you’re willing to forego some luxuries, you could save a lot of money by flying Spirit Airlines.

When booking with Spirit, always compare the total cost of your flight with other airlines to see if it makes more sense to buy a ticket on another airline. One small personal item, such as a backpack, purse, or briefcase, is in Spirit’s Bare Fares. Most people find it difficult to travel light, but you might be at how much essential gear you can fit in a small backpack. If you plan to check a bag, Spirit’s checked bag fees are comparable to those of the major airlines. On Spirit, checked bag fees begin at $30 each way. Fees for large carry-on bags begin at $35 each way.

How to Book a Spirit Airlines Flight

Spirit’s more fees begin with the booking process. The airline charges a variety of booking fees, some of which can avoid by booking at an airport counter. Yes, it is possible to book a Spirit Airlines flight at the airport ticket counter rather than online. Is it worthwhile? That depends, but most people will not find it worthwhile to make a special trip to the airport to buy a ticket after factoring in gas, parking, and time.

In any case, if you live near an airport or are at the airport when a good sale appears, you can use this method. If you buy for the entire family, the savings add up; online booking fees are per-ticket, like Ticketmaster’s convenience fee, and hover around $22.99 per leg of your flight. Keep in mind that the ticket counter at smaller stations will only be open during the hours surrounding flight times.

Spirit Airlines Surcharges During the Booking Process

When you book your flights through Spirit’s website, you will be the option to buy extras at each step. If you want to get the best deal, you’ll have to decline all extras, but make sure to pay for the amount of baggage you need when you book to avoid surprises later.

The first extra you’ll be is a package called “Boost It.” This package includes one 50-pound checked bag (plus more 10 pounds), seat selection, and priority boarding. “Bundle It” is the next offer you’ll see, and it includes everything from the “Boost It” package as well as one standard carry-on bag and a one-time free flight change. It would be more expensive to buy all these items, but chances are you won’t need them if you’re flying Spirit.

The booking process is with offers to add hotel, car rental, ground transfers, and other services. If you don’t want to add extras, scroll to the bottom and click the “continue without” button. After entering your passenger information, you’ll be to add bags, select your seats, and then select more extras.

Getting on a Spirit Airlines Flight

Because Spirit flights are usually full, there will most likely be a large crowd at the boarding gate. As with any airline flight, it’s best to sit back and relax until your boarding zone is called. If you are unsure whether your personal item is oversized, I recommend carrying the bag even if it has wheels.

The majority of gate agents will not take the time to size your bag as long as it does not appear to be large. This is dependent on the agent and the situation, and if you are certain your bag is too large, you risk paying the exorbitant $65 at-gate bag fee. To be safe, use Spirit’s bag sizers near the check-in desk to ensure your bag fits the correct dimensions. Bag fees are lower at check-in than at the gate. Check Spirit $9 Fare info online.

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