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Things to Know About Used Pallets Before You Buy

Pallets are essential for shipping and storage companies. The costs go up when you buy new ones, something you must avoid. You can opt for recycled or used pallets. Several companies are throwing them away after achieving the intended use, because of which they sell at a relatively lower price than new ones. There are still some crucial factors to consider when buying these used pallets, among which quality plays a major role.

Here are some pointers to know before you buy them:

The Size

Before buying a used pallet, know the correct size for the pallet’s needs. Several industries that use pallets have standard dimensions that make it easy for each industry to identify what they want. When getting second-hand pallets for salethe size helps you determine if they will seamlessly fit the forklifts and shelving system.

The supermarket industry uses the standard size of 40″ by 48″ pallets. This sizing has been set forth by the Grocery Manufacturers Association. Calculating the number of pallets required becomes easier with a standard size or dimensions, making transportation easier.


The material used for making pallets is generally either hardwood or softwood. The second-hand softwood pallets for sale offer a lighter and cheaper option. Easier to find, they are susceptible to mold damage. When getting second-hand softwood pallets, it’s best to dry them before using them, or you can get hardwood pallets instead. The hardwood types are more durable and dense. They are the best if you are planning to deal with heavy goods, but they may cost you a little more.


Regardless of what you intend to use the pallets for, they should be durable enough to serve you. They come in different grades. If you intend to use forklifts or store goods for longer, it’s best to go for Grade 1 or Category A.

They are the strongest choice for warehouse use. Although Grade 2 are also good, they have undergone some repairs and are best suited for DIY projects or to help display goods at the front for customers.

Markings Or Info Stamps

Almost all pallets have marks on them. These show where they have come from and the lid of treatment they have undergone. Some common markings you will note when buying pallets in Melbourne are KN which means they have been Kiln-dried, DB for debarked, and HT for heat treated.

Only buy second-hand pallets without markings or stamps. Pallets without these may not meet the standard regulations required for shipping. They may contain harmful or hazardous flammable pesticides.


Always thoroughly check the pallets you buy for mold, discoloration, dirt, structural damage, or stains. A thorough check is more important if you are into the food industry and looking to buy pallets in Melbourne. The stains or discoloration could be potential for chemical spills contaminating the food products you are storing.

If there is structural damage or mold, lifting the pallets using a forklift could be dangerous as they can easily break. There are methods to remedy these issues. It is always best to avoid them when buying second-hand pallets for your needs.

Buying used pallets saves cash and time as they are readily available. When buying some, it is best to consult a pallet expert to help you decide the best pallets for your needs. Moldy or structurally damaged pallets can still be fixed and treated to fit your needs. It is always best to look for clean ones with the right markings.

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Uneeb Khan
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