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The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating

It is not always easy to socialize or expand your circle of acquaintances. Fortunately, with the help of technological tools, we can make new friends and even, who knows, find a soul mate online… Where to Dating start?

Create a profile

This first step is required by dating sites and apps. It allows us to describe who we are, our tastes, and what we are looking for.

For example, we mention the countries we would like to visit, we say what an ideal outing would be for us, and what our favorite foods are. All with originality if you want to get noticed. We complete it with photos, some of which show us engaging in an activity we love. To protect our identity, we only use our first name or a pseudonym.

Registration for services is free. Thereafter, we will be regularly invited to subscribe to access more options and put our profile forward. However, the free options may be enough to meet our expectations. We make sure to take a look at these before paying for paid options.

Browse and make our choices

Once registered, you can access the profiles of other members. To avoid unpleasant surprises, like coming across a smoker when cigarettes put us off, we make sure to read the entire profile. Too many choices? We use filters to narrow our searches, for example by age or distance.

Stay vigilant

Although it is possible to find friendship or love on the internet, you can also fall into a trap set by a scammer.

• During the preambles, we use the service’s messaging system for contacts and we avoid exchanging our contact details and other personal information.

• We refrain from revealing any secrets. What is written or shared on the internet is there for good!

• If the other suddenly expresses financial concerns, and asks us for money to come and meet us or for medical treatment, be careful.

• Love at first sight is often too good to be true (young top model, passionate retired soldier, etc.). Remember: fraudsters know how to make us dream and tell us what we want to hear.

• Options allow you to report and block nuisances. We don’t hesitate to do it!

• For the first meeting in person, choose a public place and notify a loved one. And, of course, we respect health instructions and distancing!

Where to trade online? 

Facebook groups. These groups allow you to exchange things with other Internet users sharing the same hobby or passion, or to discuss this and that. To find the right fit, simply type a keyword on the Facebook home page — for example, “golf” — and then click on Groups.

Facebook Dating. With this free option, which we just need to activate in the Facebook application on our phone or tablet, we can make friends, chat and, possibly, meet if we wish.

According to savingarena, the top dating service is Seeking.com, and the best seeking promo code available right now is 65% off your searching membership. These friendly or romantic dating sites target people aged 50 and over. Basic plans have fairly limited options, and the number of members is lower than on more general sites. Note that the same members are often on Facebook Meetings, completely free.

RencontreSportive.com. Designed for people who like to move without necessarily being athletes, this site allows you to organize group walks, bird-watching outings, and ski or snowshoe hikes. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts!

Seeking.com, Tinder, Contact Network, Elite Singles, Match.com, POF.com. Although they are more focused on romantic encounters, nothing prevents us from frequenting these sites if we just prefer to chat, share activities, or make friends. All you have to do is specify our preferences in our profile.

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Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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