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The Tragic Truth Of Prescription Adderall, or “Adderall”

The issue in this article will be the prescription of Adderall. Particularly, Adderall is too often prescribed incorrectly. Effects of Adderall on personality include anger, irritability, diminished empathy, and self-awareness.

Additionally, the reckless prescribing patterns have exacerbated the political and public outrage against the condition.

Let’s take this out of the way:

Prescription Adderall is very effective for certain individuals.

For some, buy adderall online can cause more problems than it resolves.

Do they know all the time? No.

If Adderall causes issues, it may influence personality and objectivity until people cannot pay attention to other people’s concerns.

The love affair of prescribers with Adderall for adults who have ADHD has its roots in false information. Many think the belief that Adderall can be “best” for adults. This is a blatant lie.

ADHD Medications: Self-Educate & Self-Advocate

What can you do to help yourself or your loved one prevent becoming another victim of Madderall? Be educated and prepared to speak for yourself. No one will be more concerned about your or your loved ones’ lives as much as you. It is very risky to be passive. Even with highly confident prescribers. Maybe, especially with those.

The most tragic thing is that a poorly prescribed Adderall can cause negative personality changes in people seeking only the treatment of their ADHD:


Short temper

Sleep deprivation

What appears to be (and could be) it could be

The problem is that they may need to see the law; their doctors generally don’t inquire or make connections. This can lead to a chain reaction of negative results.

You could say, “So what? You can try a different medication.” I frequently get this advice from doctors who are knowledgeable about ADHD. The problem is that they do not see the ground like I do. Furthermore, for reasons that I’ll discuss, the effects of Adderall typically mean that other stimulants will be considered.

A necessarily long post using Scanning Aids

This is a long article by necessity. I’ve added hyperlinked subheads to help you scan. In the final section, I’ll give you a brief overview of what effective prescribing for ADHD appears. This will allow you to guide this.

There are many other posts on this subject ….now. The first was mine in 2013 and was the only one until recently. Another reason is that Adderall is now a profitable search engine in a rise in internet traffic. It’s not for me, but certainly in businesses’ “health” and ADHD sites.

FYI — No Adderall-Abuse Tips Here!

Perhaps you found this article when trying to find illegally sourced and “hacked” Adderall. Sorry for the inconvenience! If you’re looking to achieve that, then please read this article. It could save your life.

If you leave in dismay after five minutes, my blog’s “bounce” rate increases. This is a major Google-related penalty, which will cause this post to be ranked down the search results. After a string of promoted and paid-for content, this article is ranked first on the search results.

I’ll leave it here, but why? Why? There is a good chance that you have ADHD and are trying to try to “self-medicate” it. It’s never a good idea. I would like you to reconsider. In This Post about Adderall or Adderall:

Here are the general themes of this post:

Many doctors (including psychiatrists) fail to treat ADHD. This can lead to devastating results.

To avoid the negative effects, it is possible to consider prescribing Adderall not as a first attempt but as a last-stop stimulant medication.

The New York Times has an extensive history of anti-psychiatry reporting. This was my first inspiration to write this article in 2013.

The importance of self-education for consumers and self-advocacy.

A short excerpt from one of my book’s chapters on medicine.

The Major Sections — Hyperlinked

Select any subject and go directly to it.

The information your doctor doesn’t have can be dangerous to you.

The reckless prescription of Adderall has undermined the credibility of ADHD.

Why has this practice continued in the absence of a check?

Conflicts of Interest are everywhere.

ADHD treatment is complicated because it affects individuals and not duplicates

Google searches that lead readers to this blog

The New York Times anti-ADHD campaign inspired me to write my first article in 2013.

Adderall works best for certain

Problem at the root: Unscrupulous Adderall prescribing, with no monitoring

Problems that contribute to the problem: A wider perspective

Excerpt from YouMeADHD regarding working with your physician

What Your Prescriber Doesn’t Know Might Hurt You:

Unproperly prescribed Adderall can cause irreparable damage to relationships and even lives because of its adverse effects on the personality and other reasons.

This can be the case for Dexedrine also. For those of you living in Australia, a country where the national health scheme (Medicare) has for a long time considered Dexedrine to be the most effective stimulant, Be aware.

People who experience poor results with Adderall are often unaware of their suffering. They think it’s due to the expense of a long-lost concentration. They may be able to see their loved ones, too, while they walk on eggshells, terrified. (Read some of the responses.)

Next stop: Adults with ADHD could develop an alcohol, cannabis, or benzodiazepine addiction to “come down” from the Adderall.

Or: They adore the intensity of their focus and cannot let it go- regardless of whether that focused attention can cause a reduction in self-awareness. (This way, they believe everyone else is the problem, not themselves.)

Unproperly prescribed Adderall can cause or increase anxiety, anger, frustration, grandiosity blindness, and anger.

This is why, 25 years ago, I began to call it Madderall.

(Note that I’m seeing Madderall is being used to refer to a combination of marijuana and Adderall. This is not what I mean by my definition.)

Reckless Adderall Prescribing Fuels ADHD Backlash

The worst part? There are many safer alternatives to consider initially. Doctors ought to be making things better rather than making things worse. This has been an ongoing public health issue. This has led to a negative reaction against the diagnosis itself. It has been repeated.

Recent examples of alarming stories of “telehealth” clinics over-prescribing Adderall were able to be a part of “ADHD is overdiagnosed.” As an example:

Wall Street Journal Startups Make It Easier to Get ADHD Drugs: That Made Some Workers Anxious

There is no doubt that these venture capital companies tend to cut corners. However, it’s also the case that COVID caused ADHD to the forefront for many people who were barely managing before. They required help and sought it whenever they could. Today, news media and flamboyant pharmacies (I.e., CVS) cooperate to make it harder for patients to receive the treatment and diagnosis they need, resulting in more backlash.

That’s an excellent illustration of how mis-prescribing Adderall results in a negative stigma associated with ADHD.

  1. Why Has This Malpractice Gone Unchecked?

Why do doctors prefer Adderall in their patients with ADHD? Particularly given that they cannot provide advice, rating scales, or request third-party reports.

There’s a shocking reason: many prescribers need to correct when reading the meta-analysis using old or insufficient (and it’s possible to say one-pharma-skewed) information. Meta-analysis is not an accepted practice. It’s only as good as the research it examines.

Three reasons to be three:

The manufacturer of Adderall was known for being aggressive in its marketing and false in its claims, with lasting negative effects.

The firm was sanctioned $56.5M in 2014 for false claims about buying adderall online and several other drugs. Find out more on the U.S. Department of Justice website: Shire Pharmaceuticals LLC to Pay $56.5 Million to Settle False Claims Act Allegations Relating to Drug Marketing and Promotion Practices.

The company has, for a long time, exercised, according to my observations, significant influence over the majority of ADHD websites and the personalities you encounter online and in other places.

This includes psychologists, psychiatrists, coaches, psychiatrists, and non-profit organizations, including board members, conference organizers, and speakers.

I’ve indeed been publicly “pro-medication” for decades. The right medication, properly selected and prescribed, is. Pharma’s marketing is different and has triggered ADHD criticism over and over and also enormous profits.

Many prescribers are ignorant or naive yet disconnected from their responsibilities. This isn’t meant to discourage you from seeking treatment! Instead, I would like you to be an informed healthcare consumer.

Prescribers indeed spend very little time with patients. This doesn’t excuse the embarrassing mess concerning Adderall and prescriptions in general for ADHD.

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