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The Times Less Beauty Of Swiss Blue Topaz


The Swiss blue topaz is probably what comes to mind when you think of a gorgeous blue gemstone. The electric sky Swiss blue topaz is appealing to the eyes and enchants the viewer. Swiss Blue Topaz has a range of colours that resemble the sky and is referred to as the “Lover of Gold” because it attracts wealth and money. Jewelry made of blue topaz can evoke thoughts of endless skies, calm waters, and gentle breezes. This stone is well known for its healing properties and versatility. Swiss Blue Topaz Ring is recommended while setting it up with sterling silver jewellery. A natural occurrence of a blue colored topaz is a very rare stone.

How is Swiss be topaz crafted

Topaz is widely available, as a transparent crystal, and can be treated to turn consistently blue. It has a vivid blue hue that is softer than London Topaz and darker than sky-blue topaz. The naturally occurring blue topaz is one of the most appealing and fascinating stones of the modern age. The Swiss blue topaz is technically white topaz that has been subjected to high-energy electrons to change its colour to a vivid, rich, and electric blue. Uncolored topaz is heated until it turns a lovely shade of blue after being exposed to high-energy electrons, often known as gamma rays.

Symbolism of Swiss blue topaz

The birthstone for the Sagittarius sign is this beautiful stone. This magnificent Swiss blue topaz gemstone represents emotional devotion, honesty, and purity of thought. This bright blue stone stands for dedication, honesty, steadfast love, friendship, and free expression.

Ancient views of Swiss blue topaz

Taking a closer look at the history and its several significant meanings. Africans thought this gemstone to be a healing stone, while Hindus regarded it as sacred. The purpose of  Swiss blue topaz may have been inspired by archaic ideas, yet its qualities are still significant and useful now. This vivid blue gem has been inspiring, illuminating our ideas, and enticing us since the beginning of time.

How can Swiss blue topaz change your life

Gorgeous vibrant hued Swiss Blue Topaz Jewelry has an endearing appearance and owns undeniable benefits. This stunning Gemstone is the birthstone of those born in December. This gemstone is thought to work wonders when worn by a Sagittarius. This stone is filled with a wealth of beneficial properties.

• Money and prosperity are drawn to it.
• It aids in bringing about mental and intellectual vitality.
• This alluring gem makes the companion’s relationship more passionate.
• Since it heals the spirit as well as the body, it is known as the “Stone of Spiritual Awakening.”
• Beautiful Swiss blue topaz promotes peace and self-assurance.

How to differentiate between real and fake

The beautiful Swiss blue topaz can be easily replaced by a fake stone due to its resemblance. How do you tell if the stone you are purchasing is authentic? There are a few simple ways to identify a genuine topaz with a vivid blue tint apart from a regular stone that looks similar.

• The surface of Swiss blue topaz is slippery, smooth and cool to touch.
• The blue topaz gets electrified readily.
• The Swiss blue topaz is tough enough to scratch the glass.

How can Swiss blue topaz enhance your attire

Swiss blue topaz has a striking blue colour. Pairing blue topaz with yellow, rose gold or Sterling Silver jewellery, brings a vintage, refined look. Swiss blue topaz Rings feature water elements in their settings, like many other blue topaz jewellery styles. Swiss blue topaz can complement your outfit and provide a blaze to your appearance with its electric blue brilliance. When it comes to gemstone jewellery, this stone is prominent. The stone can be worn as a striking Swiss topaz ring, an elegant necklace, or a chunky bracelet.

A piece of Swiss blue topaz could spice up anyone’s collection when looking for new jewellery by adding flare, elegance, and sophistication. Many people appreciate receiving jewellery fashioned with sparkling blue topaz as gifts. Swiss blue topaz Jewelry in vivid blue hues is available in fine, understated pieces for everyday use as well as glamorous cocktail jewellery. Sagacia jewellery has an incredible collection of alluring Swiss blue topaz jewellery.

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