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The Revolutionary NeoGraft

Getting a hair transplant seems like one of the most effective ways of getting back a head full of hair. With advancements in medicine & technology almost every few years we hear about a new method available for the treatment of our problems.

The latest hair transplant technology 2022 known as NeoGraft is the most advanced hair transplant method available. It is a method that is minimally invasive and developed to aid you to improve your hairline without the long scar, post-surgery discomfort, and long rehab of a traditional hair transplant.

Traditional Hair Transplant Methods:

Hair transplantation can be performed through a variety of different methods. One of the traditional methods is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), which involves taking a strip from the back of the head, and then that strip is examined under a microscope and planted in the recipient area, it can leave a linear permanent scar.

The newer methodology is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). FUE is superior to FUT in terms of that it extracts individual follicular units from the back of the head and then they are placed into the recipient area.

NeoGraft is a hair transplantation technique that utilizes the FUE and it provides the patients with hair loss the most advanced way to extract and implant hair, thereby improving the overall outcome.

What is NeoGraft?:

It is an innovative method developed in recent years that involves adding thickness and density back to your hairline without some of the drawbacks of the traditional hair transplant methods. Neograft is a revolutionary automated device approved by FDA for hair restoration. It works as an extension of the surgeon’s hands which helps in the accurate extraction of hair follicle units. This technique is better than other methods because it takes less time in execution and recovery. NeoGraft before and after shows dramatic changes.

Instead of leaving a linear strip scar at the back of the head, NeoGraft leaves extremely small pinpoint scars in the back of your scalp. These scars are slightly visible but they are way easier to hide than the long scar left behind after a FUT hair transplant.

Advantages of NeoGraft:

If you’ve been thinking about hair transplantation, then this seems like the best time to take advantage of the many benefits that NeoGraft can offer.

  • Little Hair Follicle Damage

Neograft technology causes less damage to follicles than the traditional FUE and FUT hair transplant method. Reduction in stress improves the success rate of hair restoration and the chances of survival for follicles.

  • Fewer Complications:

Since it is a minimally invasive method, it has little to no surgical complications. This method doesn’t involve extracting a strip of the scalp for follicles, reducing the probability of harm to the nerves and blood vessels.

  • Less inefficient

NeoGraft is performed way more quickly than traditional FUE. This transplant takes very little time and usually finishes within 4 to 10 hours.

  • Little Downtime

This transplant involves no surgical scalpels and stitches. There is minimal downtime involved in this procedure because recovery is fairly quick with little to no discomfort.

Drawbacks of NeoGraft

Although, NeoGraft seems like the best procedure for extracting and implanting hairs for most people affected by hair loss. It does have a few drawbacks.

  • High Cost

           The main downside of NeoGraft is its high cost. Although this type of hair transplant is now becoming more affordable, NeoGraft still costs more per graft than FUT.

  • Intricate Procedure

         NeoGraft is a more complex procedure than the traditional FUT hair transplant. It simply means it might take more time to take your hair from the donor site.

Taking everything into account:

This procedure offers considerably more advantages NeoGraft hair transplant results hold much promise in the world of medicine. In general, though, complications from NeoGraft hair transplant surgery are uncommon. Most people who undergo this procedure have a positive outcome and report that this procedure was worth their time and money. You can check online hair transplant price in Islamabad and compare different clinics with respect to their facilities.

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