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The Purpose and Benefits of UGC Video Marketing

Video content has become an extremely popular and effective marketing tool in recent years. From YouTube tutorials to Instagram stories, video allows brands to connect with audiences in an engaging, dynamic way. One particularly authentic and influential type of marketing video is user-generated content (UGC).

What is UGC Video Marketing?

UGC stands for “user-generated content.” This refers to any type of media that is created and shared by unpaid creators, promoters, fans, and customers. From unboxing videos on YouTube to posts on social media, UGC offers an authentic look into a product or service.

Brands can encourage and leverage UGC video marketing by inviting customers and fans to create video content related to their products. For example, a hotel brand might ask visitors to post reviews on Instagram. Or an appliance company might run a TikTok contest asking users to showcase how they use a new product.

Videolab specializes in harnessing the power of UGC by helping brands develop video campaigns that leverage customer and fan content. Their technology and services make it easy to source great UGC video content from target audiences.

The Purpose and Goals of UGC Video Campaigns

UGC video campaigns serve several key goals:

  1. Authenticity: UGC videos directly from customers carry more authenticity and trust than content created by brands. Audiences recognize that real customers don’t have a vested interest in promoting the brand.
  2. Peer Influence: Research shows that consumers trust recommendations from peers much more than brand advertising. UGC enables brands to tap into positive word-of-mouth at scale.
  3. Social Proof: A compilation of various users happily engaging with a product makes it more desirable for viewers. UGC offers the type of social proof that boosts conversions.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: UGC videos are created for free by a brand’s audiences. There’s no need to hire a production crew or video team.
  5. Engagement: Audiences are much more likely to watch, like, comment on, and share UGC video content compared to more polished brand videos. This increases awareness and exposure.

The Benefits of UGC Video Marketing

From increasing reach to driving conversions, UGC video delivers countless benefits:

Humanizes Your Brand

Sleek marketing videos can make a brand seem cold and untouchable. In contrast, everyday customers highlighting their genuine enthusiasm for your products creates a relatable, human feel. Viewers see real people who are just as excited about the brand as they are.

Provides Social Proof

On average, consumers are far more swayed by recommendations from their peers than by brand advertising. UGC video offers that influential social proof to mimic word-of-mouth advocacy. Even just showing products being used demonstrates their quality and value.

Boosts Brand Affinity

When shoppers see themselves reflected in a brand’s content, an emotional connection is formed. Viewers relate to happy customers showcasing how a product fits seamlessly into their lifestyle. This makes them feel positively towards the brand.

Increases Exposure

User-generated videos spread brand awareness when creators share their content across social platforms. Each new post and view exposing more consumers to branded products through organic discovery.

Grows Engagement

UGC fosters higher engagement rates thanks to its authentic, raw style. Viewers are more likely to watch full videos, hit the like button, comment, and even create their own content in response. More meaningful engagement signals increased interest.

Drives Conversions

Perhaps most importantly, UGC videos provide the nudge consumers need to move further down the sales funnel. After watching peers happily use products, viewers are primed to become customers themselves.


Leveraging user-generated video content taps into the power of customer influence. By showcasing real stories from actual users, brands increase authenticity, engagement, and sales. UGC video campaign best practices include proper consent and rights usage, staying relevant to audiences, and encouragement through contests. With the right strategy, user-generated content can take a brand’s videos to the next level.

I hope this overview on UGC video marketing gives you a great starting point for harnessing the power of customer content! Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions.

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