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The Legality of Abortion in Dubai

Abortion is a topic that elicits strong opinions and raises important legal and ethical questions in many countries around the world. When it comes to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the laws regarding abortion are quite strict and tightly regulated. In this article, we will explore the legality of abortion in Dubai.

Dubai, as part of the UAE, follows Islamic law and has a conservative societal outlook. This influences the legal framework surrounding abortion, making it highly regulated and generally restricted.

In Dubai, abortion is generally illegal except in specific circumstances. The UAE Penal Code criminalizes abortion under most circumstances, considering it a punishable offense. The law is influenced by Islamic principles that prioritize the protection of fetal life.

According to Article 340 of the UAE Penal Code, a woman who undergoes an abortion without meeting the legal exceptions can face criminal charges, including imprisonment and fines. Similarly, individuals who assist in performing an abortion can also face legal consequences.

Exceptions to the Law

While abortion is generally prohibited, there are limited exceptions allowed under UAE law. These exceptions include cases where the woman’s life is at risk due to the pregnancy or instances where the fetus has severe abnormalities that would significantly affect its quality of life.

To proceed with an abortion under these exceptional circumstances, specific procedures and approvals are required. A medical committee typically evaluates the situation, and the decision is made based on medical evidence and the specific circumstances of the case.

Given the restrictive laws surrounding abortion, access to safe and legal abortion services in Dubai is limited. The legal requirements and the involvement of a medical committee can result in delays, making it challenging for women to access timely and safe procedures.

It is important to note that seeking abortion services outside the legal framework can lead to serious legal consequences. Therefore, women facing unwanted pregnancies in Dubai are advised to seek proper legal and medical guidance.

Public Perception and Cultural Considerations

Public perception of abortion in Dubai is heavily influenced by cultural and religious values. The conservative nature of the society often leads to stigmatization and societal pressure against abortion.

Cultural considerations, including familial and community expectations, can also play a significant role in shaping individual decisions regarding abortion. Women may face challenges and potential ostracism if they choose to undergo an abortion due to the social stigma associated with it.

Counseling and Support Services

Given the complex legal and social landscape surrounding abortion in Dubai, it is crucial for women to have access to comprehensive counseling and support services. These services can provide information, emotional support, and guidance to women facing unintended pregnancies, helping them navigate their options within the legal framework.

There are organizations and healthcare providers in Dubai that offer confidential counseling services and support for women in these situations. It is essential for women to reach out to these resources to make informed decisions and access the necessary support during this challenging time.


Abortion laws in Dubai, UAE, are strict and generally prohibit the procedure except in specific circumstances. The legal framework is heavily influenced by Islamic principles and prioritizes the protection of fetal life. Access to safe and legal abortion services is limited, and women considering abortion must navigate complex procedures and legal requirements. Cultural and societal factors also play a significant role, adding to the challenges faced by women seeking abortion in Dubai.

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