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The importance of renting a tent for your wedding

Many couples decide to get married on a private farm, in a house, on land, in the family business in places they like, and that have something special for them. And they dream of the ideal wedding, a summer wedding, in which they laugh and dance with their guests until a thousand and under the starry sky. But sometimes, there are rains, storms and there are many couples who do not realize that those places where they have decided to celebrate the wedding do not have a wedding tent or a covered area in which to celebrate the banquet or the dance if rain threatens.

In fact, this detail goes unnoticed by many couples until the week of the wedding they see the forecast and see that there is a threat of rain. Moment in which stage fright sets in and they have to find urgent solutions to that little forgetfulness. Not to mention the couples who take risks and see the flood with their guests sitting at the table because they had not anticipated that the rain would come as a guest at the banquet.

For this reason, it is essential that when you plan your wedding on a piece of land or a private property, you anticipate the need to install a marquee. To protect your guests from the weather, but also because a tent can be an enveloping element that gives personality to the space where you are going to celebrate the banquet or dance. Because you can decorate it in a cozy and warm way, with lighting, garlands, flowers or also bet on more special marquees, such as our transparent marquees.

Importance of hiring a good tent service

When hiring a tent rental and installation service for an event or celebration, it is necessary to take certain factors into account. Some of them are:

The price

In general, it is the first aspect that is requested or taken into account when hiring a tent service, which can be decisive.

The type of tent

This is the product we are hiring, so it is necessary to take into account both the quality of the tent and the elements that make it up.


This factor covers both the speed in the availability of the service and the assembly and installation process of the tents for events and celebrations.

The service

This is one of the key aspects in hiring tents for events, since said service can be crucial in the optimal course of them.

Why is hiring a good tent service important?

When hiring a tent rental service, the budget for said service is usually put before the quality of the service, when it really should be the opposite.

This can bring inconveniences such as a poor installation of the tent, since in general, a low budget brings with it a low quality of both the product and the service.

When we talk about a good tent contracting service, we are referring to the availability of the contracted company to solve any inconvenience that may arise for the client, such as the punctuality and speed that has been arranged, as well as the necessary repairs in case of damages or accidents. In this way, a good tent service is based on offering customers the security that the company they have hired will take care of any incident or aspect that requires it, which generates peace of mind that not all companies can offer

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