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The Importance of Clarity and Honesty in Your Ghostwriting Deal

Have you ever wanted to see your name on a book? Would having a book with your name on it help you get speaking gigs or boost your brand?

Do you want to say something important but don’t consider yourself to be a writer? Do you want to share the history of your family with the world? If so, you may have thought about getting someone else to write it for you.

A ghostwriter is someone who writes content on your behalf that you can publish under your name. Therefore, ghostwriting companies include many things, such as services, protection, delivery date, and much more. A ghostwriter can write anything from a short blog post to an article for a magazine or a series of books.

How Does The Process Of Ghostwriting Work?

It is the first question most people ask when they want to hire a ghostwriter for the first time. The initial step is to get in touch with a professional ghostwriter, talk about your project, and determine if your goals align with what the writer can do.

If you feel the writer can meet your requirements, you can decide how your book will be put together. However, Ghostwriting Deals include things like the number of chapters, how much writing freedom you want to give the ghostwriter (if any), etc.

It’s not hard to hire a ghostwriter, but it can be hard to figure out “what goes in the contract.” Like in any other business, the contract will be a written document that spells out the goals and practical details from the start to ensure you get what you want.

Your contract can be easy to understand, but it does need to clearly state what you expect from the ghostwriter, the clauses for ending the agreement, payment plans, and transferring of ownership.

What Should a Ghostwritten Book Contract Include?

1- Services

A ghostwriter’s services would be pretty easy to understand. Don’t they write? Yes, but a ghostwriting agency might also (or might not) proofread, edit, organize, do research, and help you get your final manuscript published. Normally, a ghostwriting agency will have professional editors polish your manuscript and proofread it before publication.

It is common for a ghostwriter to check facts that can be easily corroborated throughout the book.

2- Deliverables At The End

What you’re paying for is what you get in the end. The final thing is a manuscript. What can be published under your name is “the content.”

An e-book or print production contract for ghostwriting doesn’t include a cover design or specific formatting. But many ghostwriters know publishing and design companies that can help with these tasks. In the contract section called “Deliverables,” you’ll need to give a general description of the book.

3- Ownership

You take full ownership of the work, and the contract should clarify that. You should be able to say that you wrote the book and take all of the credit for it. Since you legally own the work, you retain all rights to it, including film and audio rights, both in your own country and abroad.

The Ghostwriting Deals should read something like, “Author shall retain all right, title, and interest in and to the following, including

  • All documents, including Word files, PowerPoint presentations, recordings, manuscripts, projects, and other products
  • The Author gave the book’s subject matter and its content
  • Any ideas, works, paperwork, or notes that came up because of the book
  • All of the ghostwriter’s writings that have something to do with the book
  • Everything the ghostwriter did for the book

4- Protection

You will want to make sure that the contract includes certain legal protections. These safeguards will work in favor of both parties. “Mirror indemnification” is the name for this.

These parts of the contract say that the writer (your ghostwriter or firm) is responsible for anything they do that is against the law, and you (the Author) are not. And vice versa.

Also, you should ensure that your ghostwriter is safe from anything scandalous or defamatory that you choose to put under your name.

5- Confidentiality

You can decide that the ghostwriter’s name will never be linked to the finished product, or you can include the writer’s name as a byline along with your name.

You could also decide whether or not to let the ghostwriter show potential clients parts of the work they did.

The potential client should sign a non-disclosure agreement or Ghostwriting Deal.

The contract should also say that you should be informed when a piece of your work is used in a portfolio. It keeps your rights as the legal author of the work safe.

6- Pricing

When negotiating a price, remember that the final fee should include all the time spent on the project, not just the time spent writing. For example, the final fee should also include time spent doing primary research and interviews.

The contract should say how much money a ghostwriter will receive, as well as when and how.

7- Escape Clauses

Full ghostwriting deals should allow both parties to get out of it. When things need correction, it’s sometimes best to end the project. A “kill fee” is a right that the ghostwriter retains ahead of time as part of an escape clause. It means ghostwriters have the right to ask for a kill fee even if clients don’t like the results.

8- Final Deadline

A key piece of information could be the expected end date. Do you want to give out copies of your finished book at a certain event, for example? The contract can say what will happen if the ghostwriter fails to meet deadlines. You could add a clause that says you will be paid a certain amount every day after the final deadline. But remember that the ghostwriter can also expect you to meet your deadlines.


Your ghostwriting contract tells you the basics of what to expect for your money, so you know what to expect. Moreover, Ghostwriting Deals and the process of writing a book are also creative. It’s a process where you and your ghostwriter work in collaboration. So don’t be afraid, to be honest about what you want the book to do for you and to maintain a healthy relationship with your ghostwriter.

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